Posted by: Johan Normark | December 26, 2010

Speculative realism in Swedish media

The online version of the popular Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has a short article that briefly mentions Speculative Realism and Object Oriented Ontology (OOO). It basically states that Swedish philosophy is ten years behind the tendencies in Europe. That may be true but I am not a philosopher and it seems that people discussing OOO in Sweden comes from a variety of backgrounds (and many are from Göteborg but I am the only archaeologist). I have discussed these things since 2003 without even knowing that I was part of this “movement” or at least affiliated with it since my main influences are Deleuze, DeLanda and Protevi (perhaps better described as Neorealists). My decision to break with an anthropocentric perspective slowly emerged in 2003 and I am still on that path.


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