Posted by: Johan Normark | January 5, 2011

2012: Dead birds falling from the sky

Obviously someone should make the connection between the dead fish and birds in Arkansas (and now also in Falköping, Sweden) and 2012. The Lookout writes that “maybe the Mayans were on to something? That’s surely what students of the famed Mayan 2012 prophecy for the end of the world had to be thinking with the news of recent eerie wildlife die-offs in Arkansas. Just as the calendar nudged a year closer to that fateful date, birds began falling from the sky in Arkansas and a massive fish kill occurred some 125 miles to the west”.

I am sure 2012ers will come up with connections and perhaps references to the Bible or any other holy text in the near future. The author of the article is unaware that the periods of the Maya Long Count are incompatible with the Gregorian New Year and that there is no Maya 2012 prophecy (and if we follow other correlations the 13 Baktun date has already occurred). Let us see which 2012er can come up with the craziest interpretation?  I will let you know in the future.

Here is my own: the megalithic tombs in Falköping were built by mysterious elders and now they are preparing their return in spaceships so the skies need to be cleared from flying objects.

Update January 2, 2012. Apparently more dead birds are falling from the sky today as well and the traffic to this mockery post is surging again. If you are one of those who believe the Maya predicted this event then you are mislead. Read a book or two written by credible scholars instead of sensational newsmedia and frauds.

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