Posted by: Johan Normark | January 12, 2011

Brief update

I have not posted anything for a week which is unusual since I am not on holiday. My latest post on the 2012 circus turned out to be a huge traffic attractor. It resulted in several thousand hits in a few days and it still attracts many visitors. This simply makes me sad. Not that the blog receives more visitors but that people google the words: 2012, Maya(n), dead birds falling from the sky, the Bible, etc. in the thousands. Apparently people (read: primarily Americans) are easily doped by the 2012 nonsense. Anthony Aveni shows why that is so in his 2012 book. I will return to that later on.

Right now I have moved to my old university again although I will not have my office ready with new furniture, etc. until the end of the month. Until then (and most likely afterwards as well) I will use my home as my office. I am currently writing an article on the future of gender studies in archaeology, another one on the concept of culture in archaeology, and as always, continuing the editing of my book(s).

I have also begun reading the edited volume The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realism (2011). It is about time that I do get familiar with other neorealists/neomaterialists than DeLanda and Protevi (who also appears in the volume). Expect some archaeological perspectives from this book in the future as well.


  1. A Good Site With Pictures Of Most Of The Major Maya Precients


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