Posted by: Johan Normark | February 15, 2011

First Mubarak, now Hawass?

Who is the best known public figure in archaeology today? Many people would probably say it is Zahi Hawass. He has appeared in almost every TV documentary on ancient Egypt for the past decade(s). During the recent crisis in Egypt Hawass showed his sympathy with Mubarak and now many archaeologists demands that he leaves his office. I suspect that we are beginning to see the end of his dominant position in Egyptian archaeology. He has created too many enemies while creating his own public figure that went berzerk in the “Chasing Mummies” documentary last year.



  1. Hawass looked like a bull in China shop. I couldn’t believe how reckless he was. Even so, “Chasing Mummies was entertaining.

  2. I am sure Egypt would be better off with another person in charge of their antiquities.


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