Posted by: Johan Normark | February 16, 2011

2012: Tyche

Within the 2012 circus the existence of more planets in our solar system than the ones currently known are common (particularly those favoring Zechariah Sitchin’s fantasies). Today, we can read that astronomers John Matese and Daniel Whitmire propose the existence of a giant gas planet in the outer Oort cloud of the solar system. They originally proposed its existence in 1999. The astronomers suggest that long-period comets do not arrive from random points but are more clustered, a clustering believed to be caused by a large unseen object which they call Tyche. This is a name of a Greek divinity and the name means luck and fortune. Since all the other planets have Roman names I would suspect the possible planet would be called Fortuna.

The proposed planet of Tyche is believed to lie 375 times further out than Pluto (roughly a quarter of a light year). Its orbital period would be 1.8 million years. Its mass could be four time larger than that of Jupiter. Hence, in terms of mass and orbital period it is quite different than the other gas giants (and it is probably too small to be a brown star).

The reason why the 2012ers find this of interest is because the planet may be one of the main reasons why comets on occasion hits the Earth and cause mass extinction, such as that proposed by some Nibiru proponents (but I doubt that they think Tyche is Nibiru). We’ll see what they can come up with, and how they can fit this into the Maya Long Count.



  1. Sigh. I’ve seen this all over the intertubes for the last week. Too bad I have no time to do a good, full post on it.

  2. No hurry. It will be around for a while, at least in the minds of the 2012ers.


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