Posted by: Johan Normark | February 21, 2011

2012: Calleman muddles the events in the Arab world

The Swedish Maya calendar bender/twister Carl Johan Calleman urges you to buy one of his books “if you want to understand the decisive time we are now entering. No book about the Mayan calendar has proven to be so accurate in its predictions and understanding”. First, I guess his urge comes from a realization that his own business will come to an end in October this year. Hence, you must buy more of his books to secure his financial future. Second, his books are not accurate at all. Apart from some major distortions, such as creating a completely different “end date” and creating a new period that does not exist in the Maya calendar (the uaxlahunkin rhythm), he has not proven anything and he has never said that Mubarak would fall, etc. He just retreats to vague predictions.

Calleman believes that the beginning of the end of the Western dominance began on November 3 last year. The east is beginning to rise and we are supposed to reach some kind of balance. The events in the Arab world are supposed to reflect this as is the emergence of China as a major force in the world. Now, Calleman is a master of twisting and bending data to fit his bogus calendar. In the book he sees the dividing line between East and West running parallel with the longitude 12 degrees East. This is more or less where Rome is located (this is the planetary midline, other new agers place this line in Giza in Egypt…). I suspect we soon will see Calleman making a comment on the latest Berlusconi affair (he is after all living on the planetary midline).

In Calleman’s spiritual geography (not the “physical” one), there is movement toward or away from this midline that follows the katun cycles in the Calleman calendar. If we just ignore Calleman’s shallow treatment of ancient world history (such as placing ancient Greece in the east, an area deemed to the “origin of the western civilization”, and that western Europe is dominated by an eastern religion called Christianity, and that China is dominated by a western communist ideology, etc.) and focus on the current events in the Arab world we will see that Tunisia, where the revolutions began, is located west of this dividing line. Hence, it began in the west and spread to the east (not exactly what he predicted would happen). Or maybe China lies behind the revolutions, creating turmoil for the American supported regimes of the Arab world? If so, the development began in the east, but it began long before November last year. Contrary to Calleman’s ordered and predetermined worldview maybe now the situation is ripe for China to step in, following Mao Zedongs motto There is great chaos under heaven – the situation is excellent”.


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