Posted by: Johan Normark | March 11, 2011

2012: Tsunami in Japan and the Pacific Ocean

It did not take long time for people at various 2012 forums to begin discussing the significance of today’s tsunami in Japan and the Pacific Ocean. Some people also connects this event with the fact that the moon will be very close to the earth in a few days (hence, expect an even worse earthquake and possible tsunami next week…). I look forward for someone to combine this tsunami with the events in the Arab world, the dead birds falling from the sky, the hypothetical planet Tyche, the moon, the earthquake in New Zealand, hurricanes in Australia, the “end of the Maya calendar” and the European Song Contest (probably the worst disaster of them all). Let me know when you have figured out how they all relate to each others.



  1. how about Obama’s socialist agenda?

  2. He is not socialist enough by non-US standards.


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