Posted by: Johan Normark | March 17, 2011

2012: Osmanagić slams Hawass

A while ago I included Semir Osmanagić, the “discoverer” of the so-called “Bosnian Pyramids”, as one of the prophets of nonsense in the 2012 circus (far from being a central figure though). He has now written a post about Zahi Hawass and refers to sources that claims he has stolen “precious artifacts, falsified historical findings (making them appear younger than they really are, because they didn’t fit into official history), and fired archeologists, Egyptologists, guides and state officials, who spoke loudly about corruption of his office”. I will not debate whether or not these accusations are true or not. What I wish to point out is the way Osmanagić himself distorts the history of discoveries and falsify history in order to finance his livelihood.

Osmanagić claims that “in order to retain his [Hawass] position as incontrovertible ruler in the domain of Egyptology, Pyramid Science and archeology, he even tried to patent the name “pyramid” as unique Egyptian product.” Not really, however, the only buildings with a true pyramidal form are indeed found in Egypt. Ziqqurats, prangs, etc. do not have pyramidal shapes even though some fringe theorists like Osmanagić believes it to be so.

Osmanagić goes on and says that “when he thought he [Hawass] had everything under control, series of pyramid discoveries appear across the world: 250 pyramids in China, hundreds of pyramids in Peru, hundreds of new Mayan pyramids in Central America, tens of pyramids in the Canary and Mauritius. Wrong considerations that pyramids were created as the product of local scenario crush down. Pyramids were the worldwide concept. The greatest shock came from the small Bosnia: discovery of the first European pyramids, the biggest in the world and at the same time the oldest in the world! Carefully nurtured idea of ancient Egypt being the most important cradle of civilization and the only home of the pyramids disappears forever. “

Hawass must indeed be very old since the “series of pyramid discoveries” in the Maya area have been known for Westerners way over a century and a half. Now, buildings in square form (so-called houses) are also found world-wide in prehistory. The same goes with clothing, grinding stones, ceramic vessels, etc. Some objects spread through diffusion and some similar objects and buildings may emerge independently of each other. The same process can be found in biology; sea horses and horses share similarities but are not the same kind of animals.

Osmanagić has limited to no knowledge about the way “civilization” emerges (there is no cradle) and once you begin to include extraterrestrial beings into your research and transform a mountain into a pyramid you have absolutely no credentials.


  1. I didn’t know that indeed that the only pyramids with the strict shape of a pyramid appear in Egypt. I thought that we had such buildings in Greece too but then I checked and saw that they are non-complete pyramidoids. Osmanagic is desperate to make money from building a pseudoarchaelogical theme park at Bosnia and that’s why he is so offensive.

  2. The pyramid of Cestius in Rome has a true pyramidal form but it was constrcuted at a time when Rome had conquered Egypt:


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