Posted by: Johan Normark | April 9, 2011

Short on the SAA Blogging Archaeology symposium

I am trying to catch up on my work and prepare myself for the next conference after the SAA’s in Sacramento. This time it is the Nordic TAG in exotic Kalmar (only four hours away by train, no jet lag expected). I will give two papers in Kalmar as well (unfortunately the sessions run at the same time so I have to run between them). Both papers will be more elaborated versions of the ones I gave in Sacramento (basically because I have half an hour at my disposal compared to 15 minutes at the SAA’s). Hence I will post my summaries of “blogging archaeology” after that conference. Anyway, for those of you who wants to know what happened at the SAA symposium on blogging there are some summaries by the organizer Colleen Morgan, the discussant Kris Hirst, and participants Michael Smith, John Lowe, and Shawn Graham (not being able to be there in person). There are some additional links  on these blogs.



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