Posted by: Johan Normark | April 10, 2011

The best and worst airlines

Not surprisingly the Asian airlines are the best ones in a multitude of surveys and polls. My top three of the world’s airlines are:

1. Singapore Airlines

2. Malaysia Airlines

3. Thai Airways

Other prominent airlines that I like are: Bangkok airways, Asia airlines, Garuda, and Vietnam Airlines. A European airline that has become a bit of a favourite in recent years is Finnair.

On the other end of the spectrum there are basically only two airlines that has stood out for their unfriendliness and lack of service:

1. Aeroflot (what a surprise…)

2. Continental (and this was actually before 9/11)

Aeromexico also deserves a price for being able to screw up my luggage 100% of the times I have flown with them (twice).


  1. Hej, this is interesting to know. I’m a Malaysian living with my husband in Sweden. I just love how accurate SAS is. By the seconds.. MAS is OK. I always wish they charge cheaper. But I am talking about the price, not service. You get what you pay, I guess. I always have to fly Qatar or KLM. Takar.

  2. Most airlines are fairly similar so it is basically the ones that have stood out as particularly bad that deserves attention.



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