Posted by: Johan Normark | April 17, 2011

2012: Female popstars and the Maya

Not long ago Britney Spears released a video related to the supposed “end date of the Maya calendar”. Recently Jennifer López visited Chichen Itza in order to shoot a new music video (or parts of it). This latter event may be unrelated to 2012 but I will not be surprised if we will see El Castillo in a 2012 related context in this video (her visit occurred not long after the spring equinox which draws thousands of new agers to Chichen). Judging from her dress there will be serpents present as well (and surprise, surprise, El Castillo is also known as the pyramid of Kukulkan – the feathered serpent that “snakes” down the pyramid during the equinox). As you also know, Lady Gaga is part of the Illuminati that controls the world and they will install a new world order at the end of next year. It all makes sense now. These female popstars are three of the four horse(wo)men of the apocalypse. Who is the fourth? Is it Madonna (Biblical references)? Maybe Whitney Houston (Houston – spacecraft associations)? The Korean singer called Maya? When and where will it be revealed? Never on this blog anyway.



  1. It’s all coming together Johan. And don’t forget that I know that YOU are really the master signifier. I will release this news to the public on New Years. I am almost 65% sure that you are working in concert with Lady Gaga, but I need to do some more investigation to prove this.

    You illuminati folks can’t fool ME.

  2. I forgot that I am the master-signifier. It is always difficult to remember that I am the center of universe from where everything emerges. Yes, Lady Gaga and I have a Bad Romance. Since I am Born this Way I put on my Poker Face when I confront a Paparazzi. I will not reveal anything more.


  3. Lady Gaga is not a horse woman of the apocalypse. in the Bible they had four horseman, but they were the Jewish missionaries on horseback, who traveled to the
    villages in the diaspora. The four colors were, the colors of the four seasons, and they tied it, a scarf on the horse,and when the missionary was talking to the people, he tied it to the back of the chair.

  4. I cannot be wrong in my analysis since it is based on a combination of i-ching, swastikas, and a couple of amino acids. That combination has proven to be fool-proof. After staring into a mandala for a couple of years Lady Gaga, Britney and J-Lo emerged before my eyes. I just need to adjust the time-wave graph and the fourth will pop out in my periodic system of evolution. The quantum number is If that does not give anyone an idea of who the fourth horsewoman is then I do not know what information is needed. It cannot be clearer than this.

  5. hahahahahaha.


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