Posted by: Johan Normark | April 27, 2011

Preparing papers

Yesterday I arrived in Kalmar to attend Nordic TAG (Theoretical Archaeological Group). The weather has been very good the last week so after the first few papers in the afternoon I decided to leave the sessions and head back to the hotel near the castle and have some sightseeing on the way.
Once back at the hotel I began to edit my two papers (again). I am never satisfied so once I present them this afternoon it will be a relief since theydo not need more editing. However, then I have to prepare my paper for my guest lecture at Lund University less than two weeks from now. The contents of all my papers are in a liminal state right now since I have followed Deleuzian/DeLandian ideas for the past five years but I am now moving towards speculative realism which demands some changes in my presentations. I hope the papers do not sound confused.

Kalmar castle



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