Posted by: Johan Normark | April 29, 2011

2012: Groundbreaking news from Fox [9] News

Fox News is not known for its high quality. I do not expect one of their local stations to be better. Here is a perfect example that I am not wrong in my assertion. In this news clip we are told by Skip Messenger that the Maya could have “told you what day Easter fell on 25 million years ago”. I doubt that and this is once again related to the myth that the Maya were so darn good at everything related to astronomy and calendars. There are known miscalculations in the calendars.

Why do they let an astronomy professor from Minneapolis (Parke Kunkel) with no knowledge about the Maya tell us that “the stars and planets just aren’t lining up according to the Mayan myth, which states the Earth and Sun will align with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way”. Of course they don’t. That is not a Maya myth in the first place, that is an idea developed by contemporary people with an incline for New Age ideas. Jenkins want us to believe that the Maya believed this but it is an interesting fantasy at best.

Finally we are told that “another Mayan prophesy claims a rogue planet or moon will suddenly crash into the Earth, but that space invader should theoretically be visible in the southern hemisphere by now”. That is once again not a “Mayan prophecy”, but a prediction by pseudoscientists adhering to the idea of Nibiru or Planet X.

Kunkel also says he believes the reason the apocalypse theory has caught on is because it’s a great way to sell books and movies. Apparently the people at Fox 9 News attempt to sell news the same way… Fox News are so predictable in their poor journalism.



  1. “… the Maya could have “told you what day Easter fell on 25 million years ago”.”

    Hmm. Really? Now, I’m not a Christian, but if I correctly remember my history, Easter wouldn’t have existed 25 million years ago.

    As to the whole southern hemisphere thing, that just is such B.S. We have total sky coverage. Complete. And from Boulder, CO (USA) I can see a good chunk of the southern hemisphere sky. You have to be more than 50° south latitude before you can see sky I can’t.

    • I suspect that he meant that the Maya were so fantastic astronomers that they could calculate everything with high numbers and long time periods. The choice of Easter was a bad choice but even worse is the myth of the incredicble accuracy of Maya astronomy (at least the guy did not say the Maya could calculate events down to the minute or second).

      Have you defended your thesis yet?

      • Yeah, I’ve just been taking a pseudo-vacation as I start my two postdocs so haven’t really announced it on my blog yet.

      • Congratulations! And two postdocs on top of that!

      • Well, each is half-time. 😉 But thanks.

  2. I dont think the Maya talked about the black hole in the center of the Galaxy.
    The black hole is just a new age idea, it is just some scientific theory.
    And Zacharia Sitchin wrote in his books, that the Planet Nibiru will not be visible in the southern sky for another 900-1000 years.
    Mr Jenkins, and FOX news, and Mr Calleman, and 2012 is all nonsense.

    • So Sitchin is not nonsense???


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