Posted by: Johan Normark | May 2, 2011

2012: Osama Bin Laden is dead

Yes people this event is related to the end of the Maya calendar. At least people are discussing it on the 2012 forums. This post is just another test to see how much the 2012 virus has spread into the minds of people searching on Google. The results will be revealed tomorrow. The count starts now. 

Update 1. In less than half an hour this post has already attracted visitors searching for “is bin ladden dead part of 2012 [sic]”, “will the worl end in 2012 with bin laden dead [sic]”, “osama bin laden dead 2012”, “osama bin laden dead mayan calendar”, “osama bin laden 2012”, and “2012 osama”… The 2012 virus infection spreads.

Update 2. Ten hours after posting 215 people have visited this post and if we discount my returning readers there are at least 175 people googling Osama and 2012 in one way or another. I expect that the number of visitors will increase this afternoon and night since this is the time when most of my US visitors come to the blog. My favorite search terms now are “osama bin laden dead 2011 getting ready for 2012” and “mayan calendar predicting bin laden’s death?”. People never ceases to amaze me. These “predictions” always emerge after an event, not before…

Final update. 24 hours after posting 365 unique visitors have visited the post (roughly 3-4 times more than on a normal post). This is considerably less than my two earlier “tests” (the dead birds and the tsunami in Japan). I am sure a 2012er will connect the number of visitors (365, the number of days in a year) and 24 hours. It probably reflects the design of the Maya(n) prophecy.

Once again it is fairly obvious that if you simply add “2012” to an event with global media coverage, a multitude of people will find your post no matter how silly it is. 



  1. I read this post and you never mentioned once about how Osama had significant events happen to him when he was aged in multiples of 11. He was 44 in 2001 when 9/11 occurred, so we avoided a big event from Osama when he would be 55 in 2012

    • Yes, that makes all the difference.

  2. My friends and I tried searching for Osama 2012 and found this. So we thought it would be hilarious to feed this poor saps delusion so we’ve been visiting quite often in the past 24 hours.
    I can’t believe my blog is so popular!!!!! It’s a science experiment!!!! I didn’t think it through!!!!!!


    • This comment is so illuminating since Usurper reacts exactly as expected from a 2012er. Not only does he tell us lies. The post have not been around for 24 hours. There are not multitudes of visitors from the same ip-addresses to the same post during these 24 hours. Not yet anyway, but maybe Usurper can pull together some real life friends for his practical joke.

      I do not think my blog is popular (200-300 visitors normally) and this is a non-scientific experiment to show how quickly people connect an event with global media coverage with 2012. Congratulations Usurper, you and your imaginary friend(s) have been [a] sucessful lab rat(s) for a completely different experiment than you thought…

      • So what is your nefarious, hidden agenda Dr. Evil? To assume any one who thinks your little test is flawed is a crazy 2012er?
        How many hits on average did bin laden 2012 have before his capture compared to after?
        How many people are associating bin laden and 2012 solely for election year purposes? America votes in 2012.
        Your “experiment” is as credible as the 2012 craze.
        But go ahead, make assumptions about me based on little data. You’re good at that.
        365 individuals out of 6.5 billion. Oh how the masses are blinded by 2012 delusions! Oh it IS fairly obvious that if you add 2012 to an event with global media coverage, a MULTITUDE of people of people will find it no matter how SILLY it is.

        But good thing I participated in that other, secret experiment you did. We can only hope whoever is running that operation isn’t as incompetent.

        I’ll bookmark your blog to see further results in your 2012 experiment and your secret “Manhatten Project”, the one me and my “friends”(lol) are participating in. Apparently along with all who oppose Johan.

      • You take this “experiment” way too serious (but then you are not alone). My posts on the 2012 phenomenon is nothing that I invest much time to develop. Hence, it is not a “test” that will be published as evidence for a hidden agenda in a scientific journal. It is a blog post (the lowest in the media food chain), it is not part of a conspiracy…

        I noted in an earlier post about the dead birds falling from the sky that people made unsubstantial connections between this event and 2012. The same thing happened with the tsunami. People continue to do the same thing with bin Laden. I can see the in the search terms that people combine 2012, Maya, death, bin Laden. Obviously not everyone do so and where do I say they that people do that?

        You say it is obvious that if you add 2012 to a media event with global coverage that it will attract plenty of traffic. Why? If I add 2013 or 2027 instead will it attract as much traffic? It is only obvious in the light of the 2012 phenomenon (and possibly the US election next year). That is not obvious to all people visiting this blog.

        You are adding your own ideas to what I write. I never said that the masses are blinded. What I said is that the 2012 virus spreads (and I am talking about ethnocentric distortions of the Maya, not the US election next year). You assume that I meant billions of people. No, most people have never heard about the 2012 circus and those who have heard about it understand it is bogus. It seems that you make assumptions about me as well.

        I am afraid you will be disappointed if you expect me to do more “experiments” since I am more concerned about how people distort the Maya. If you only make the connection between bin Laden and the US elections in 2012 that is fine but I suspect that you are one of those making connections with the Maya calendar. Why would you otherwise be so angry? Maybe your self esteem was hurt a bit when you realized that how silly it is to connect bin Laden with the Maya calendar? Help us out here.

      • My self esteem is fine. You keep assuming I believe this 2012 nonsense. I simply showed how easily exploited your “thing” was. Which in turn makes your whole conclusion garbage.
        The reason you put so much effort into ultimately nothing is the real mystery. Maybe the 365 represents the number of days in the year you shouldn’t write a blog.

        Good bye forever.
        Have fun with your last word.

      • Much effort? It took me five minutes.

        Nah man, your nice comment does not have any effect on a person who do not believe in representations. I am a Deleuzian with a taste for Bergsonism but I am now slowly transforming into a speculative realist. Kantian ideas of representations seems so outdated.

        I will miss you.

  3. Yes people this event is related to the end of the Maya calendar.

    I think this is very funny.I m just laughing and laughing and laughing.

  4. The “2012ers” Represent A Small Portion Of The “End Timers” ie;Born Again Christians,Zionists,Mormons And Other Dogmatists,Who Pray For The End Of This Temporal Existance And Hope They Make The Cut On “Judgement Day”.They Belive Heaven Is A Groovey Place To Be For Eternity,No Past No Futuure,Just The Bliss Of Now.
    Johan You Make A Good Oracle,You Are Not Deluded By Religion And Maintain Mental Equilibrium To The Hammer Swinging Beat Of (Scream) HEAVY METAL!

    • Most of the “end timers” come from the Judaeo-Christian tradition and in their ethnocentric believes they mess up the ancient Maya with pure nonsense. Yes, if Bin Laden’s death was “prophecized” by the Maya, why not check out their calendars? Only in hindsight do they “see” what supposedly was so obvious before the event. Everything happening now is related to 2012 and even the US election next year is interpreted from some wacko version of the Maya calendar(s).

  5. Dr.Normark,I Appreciate Your Neo-materialistic Approchmont To The Past. Dissmissing Buzzlightyear Calleman’s Dynamics For Our Evelotion To The Future,Based On His Misconceptions Of The Maya Past,May Not Be Aiding Our Saq’ Be’ Via Consciousness.
    Systems May Be Failing Or Broken,These Are Fragments Of Our Fascist Histories,Iner-Balance Can Be Obtained By Knowing There Is A Destination,Letting Go Of Our Susto From The Past.
    Our JourneyTo The Bite Of The Crocadille,Locomoted By The Cosmic Paddlers,Illuminated By The Three Stone Heartrh In The Heart Of The Heavens,And Knowing In Our Heart Of Hearts That Our True Potential Stalks Us From The Cave Of Xib’alba. Solo Tazacol Will Enable Tis End To SSDD.

    • It never ceases to amaze me how people like Callaman can distort the Maya into something utterly unrecognizable and that people still believe it. Is it really that hard for them to pick up a text book written by a professional scholar? Someone should write such a book. If someone gives me salary for a year I can do it…

  6. That Would Be Great.I Really Don’t Know Much Of Calleman Other Than His Fan atic Following.What I Was Trying To Express(In My Pretzel Narative) Is That The Past Can’t Be Relived
    But Can Be Rewriten and The Potential Of Our Future Can Not Be Dismissed Or Truly Known,And That Evan A Dogmatic Framework Gives Some Comfort.History Is Not Was But Is.Could?
    Thank You For
    Your Effort And Time


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