Posted by: Johan Normark | May 19, 2011

Maya chaosmos: 2600 years on the cave’s path

Roughly two years ago I finished my manuscript Maya chaosmos: 2600 years on the cave’s path, scheduled to be published in Acta Americana, the Swedish Americanist Society’s journal.  Today I received the proofs and soon it will be published in Volume 17(1), 2009. I have not read it yet but if I make some corrections, should I even include references from 2010 and 2011 when the current issue was/is scheduled for 2009? Temporal dilemmas.

The text seems already a bit outdated from where I stand today (far too many references to Gell and Peirce), but it gives an overall view of my current project on caves and climate change. The title of the article is obviously intended to relate to a famous book (and a view of the Maya that I work hard to move away from). I will not change the article that much, I will just pretend it still is 2009 and move on with my more updated ideas in upcoming articles and book.



  1. Hello Mr. Normark,
    I am a student of Maya archaeology at the University of Bonn.
    During a google brain storm 😉 i found your announcement on “Maya chaosmos: 2600 years on the cave’s path”. Could you please give me a hint when the Volume 17 of acta americana will be published or where and if i can obtain your article elsewhere

    Thank you very much and good mapping

    • It is published now and I have tried to contact the editors to get a pdf version of it. No success this far but it is still vacation times. As soon as I have it I will link it to my profile:


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