Posted by: Johan Normark | May 20, 2011

A Mayanist blogs from the stormy sky

I have complained about the fact that there are few Mayanist bloggers around, at least compared to the number of bloggers in Scandinavian archaeology (and I am not talking about people blogging about 2012, which does not make you a Mayanist). One of the few professional Mayanists who have commented on my blog has started a blog of his own. Stanley Guenter is a Mayanist, an archaeologist and an epigrapher. Today, on his blog From the Stormy Sky, he reports on his interpretation of the enigmatic pharaoh Smenkhare. I suspect that the name of his blog is taken from the nick name of one of Tikal’s rulers (right?).



  1. You are indeed correct. When I was a kid just getting into Maya studies I read about Stormy Sky of Tikal and that name always stuck in my head. Stormy Sky was already taken at blogger so I had to get a little creative with the name. I imagine you’ll get a lot more questions about your blog’s title than I will with mine, though!

  2. I explained the name of the blog in my very first post, but that one is hard to find nowadays. It did not receive much traffic back then. I should have used another name for the blog…


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