Posted by: Johan Normark | May 31, 2011

Acta Americana Volume 17

Today I found the two year delayed volume (17) of the official journal of the Swedish Americanist Society (SAMS) in my box at my office. This volume is a special one since its two issues are proceedings from the first Netindis Conference. The topic of the conference was American Cosmologies, Identity, and Power and was held 10-11 November 2008 in Copenhagen. There are three articles about the Maya (me, Permanto and Helmke and Nielsen) and three articles by people from University of Gothenburg (me, Permanto, and Rosengren). There is a dominance of topics concerning Amazonia. Here are the articles:

No 1.

Out of Africa hypothesis and areal patterns of cosmological motifs (Yuri Berezkin)

Cosmology, objectification and animism in indigenous Amazonia (Terence Turner)

Christianities in the making: construction of persons in Amazonian social-cosmos (Minna Opas)

Maya chaosmos: 2600 years on the cave’s path (Johan Normark)

To feed and being fed: a matter of matter and spirit (Stefan Permanto)

No 2.

To cultivate and control white people: compadrazgo among Matsigenka people (Dan Rosengren)

Prosopomorphic agency – indices in Asháninka personal narratives (Hanne Veber)

Active agency of indigenous youth: new resources and questions of power in Amazonia (Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen)

Hidden identity and power in ancient Mesoamerica: supernatural alter egos as personified diseases (Christophe Helmke and Jesper Nielsen)



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