Posted by: Johan Normark | June 15, 2011

New book by Tim Ingold

One of the most interesting contemporary anthropologists is Tim Ingold. Yesterday Adrian Ivakhiv at Immanence mentioned that Ingold has released a new book which is another collection of articles and essays published during the past decade or so. Ivakhiv mentions one of the articles that I have read and mentioned here on the blog. This article shows how brilliant Ingold’s writing is and he is even more interesting now that he has integrated Deleuzian ideas into his own texts, although there was already a Bergsonian current in his earlier works on evolution. Ingold’s texts are also refreshing contrasts to the object-oriented perspective since it usually is grounded in empirical data (something I try hard to do myself). I still wait for a greater empirical case study that utilizes the object-oriented perspective.



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