Posted by: Johan Normark | August 8, 2011

Initiating my new project

I am back at my office today and I have begun to sort out the ideas for my project on water as an archaeological object/material (my cave and climate project is resting for six months). I have to begin with the ontological part of the research first since I need to decide how I will view water within this project. Will it be as a material, an object, a substance, a thing, a process, etc.? During the past weeks, when I have not been building pyramids in the Malaysian and Balinesian sands with my son, I have read Jane Bennett’s book “Vibrant Matter” which proposes a perspective reminiscent of my former idea of polyagents (which was affected by Bergsonian vitalism). I have also read DeLanda’s most recent book which gives me some new ideas of how to frame water in my project. DeLanda’s book is interesting since he applies his assemblage perspective on archaeological data on several occasions (but quite different from how I use it, but more on that in a future post). How I will be able to combine this with Harman’s object-oriented perspective is not clear at the moment but perhaps things become clearer after Bryant has published his book on the democracy of object. That will probably keep me busy this fall.



  1. LohanI Hope Your Atheism Does Not Prevent You From Viewing Water As A Impotant Spiritual Aid,The Desendants Of The Original People Use Water For Pugra In Spiritual Clensing And Bathing Cures For Malidies Of The Soul Espcially When Herbs,Sunshine,Prayer,And Healing Intentions Are Combined To Produce A Powerfull Decoction For The Art Of Healing.
    Much Hardware Has Been Found In Support Of The Maya Proclivity And Use Of the Enema As A Healing Modality.Tho,Itz Not My Area Of Expertise!
    The Maya Did Some Major Water Management Projects Chanelling Bajos For Community Use.Many Of The Maya Cities Where Built In Areas With No Year Round Supply.
    Dr. Emoto’s Research In Water As A Vehicle And Transmiter Of Clensing Properties Is Viewed As Vodou Science By Many But The Results Have Been Documented.
    “God Made A Song When The World Was New,Water’s Laughter Sings It Too,Wizard Of Changes Teach Me The Lesson Of Flowing.”

  2. I have limited myself to five case studies and themes for my water project and spirituality is not one of them. Water management, though, is part of one of the case studies. The focus is water in archaeological contexts, not anthropocentric uses or beliefs surrounding this object/material.

  3. I Think the water project will be very important for all the new Agers.
    The sign, or symbol for Aquarius is; Mr Aquarius, or a lady Aquarius holding a water jug, and the water is flowing from the jug.And the interpretation for this is, that new spiritual energies flowing to our Solar System, Our Sun , and Earth, from the Pleiades.constellation.This spiritual water, energy, or holy spirit will be new changes to Earth and the planets, and a new spirituality for all life in the new age of Aquarius.

  4. This is not a New Age project…

  5. The Last Page Of The Dresden Codex Depicts Water Pouring From The Belly Of The Sky Serpent,Also There Is A Drawing Of Ix Chel As Crone Overturning A Pot Of Water On The Earth,We All Come From The Otherside Of The Dark Waters Emitted Before Our Birth.
    Your Focus On The Haecceities Of Water As Archaeological Object Is The Foundation Of Society After Our Not Killing Eachother.I Hope This Project Is No Drudge And You Break Some Ground.


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