Posted by: Johan Normark | August 16, 2011

Articles in preparation

Although I recently initiated my new project on water I am currently writing and editing at least seven articles from my earlier projects (my doctoral thesis and my postdoc project). Hence the relative infrequency of blog posts. Two articles are almost complete and soon ready to be sent to two quite different journals. These are The Spanish Colonial period’s relevance for the mega-drought hypothesis and Not only the home of the Earth Lords:  Maya caves as smooth, striated, and holey spaces. The first one deals with climate change and settlement changes in relation to caves in the Cochuah region. It is primarily a critique of Richardson Gill’s mega-drought hypothesis. The second article is more theory driven and sees cave spaces from a Deleuzeoguattarian perspective.

More work is needed for the following articles. The article Caves and the cosmological trap investigates the assumptions inherent in Maya cave studies. A fourth cave article will be included in an edited volume about archaeology and anthropology in the Cochuah region. It’s working title is simply Caves and cenotes in the Cochuah region and will be fairly descriptive. I will also write a second article for that edited volume and its working title is Postclassic reusage of buildings in the Cochuah region and shall focus on the presence of small Postclassic shrines.

Originally intended for this delayed volume on the Cochuah region is my final (?) article on my doctoral work on the causeways of the Cochuah region. It is called A nomadology of the causeways of the Cochuah region. Here I will actually revive my idea of polyagency as I outlined it in my dissertation thesis. In my earlier published articles on these causeways I have added a more Deleuzian/DeLandian perspective rather than my original Bergsonian perspective.

Finally, I am working on an article about my blogging activity and its relation to the 2012 phenomenon. The article Blogging Maya archaeology in the end times: Symptoms of the 2012 phenomenon will see the phenomenon from a “psychoanalytic” perspective (with some unusual [for me] Žižekian perspectives…).


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