Posted by: Johan Normark | August 17, 2011

2012: The Swedish heir to the throne and the ancient Maya

Considering what I just wrote earlier today I will already stray away from my plan considering the 2012 phenomenon. The big news in Sweden right now is that the Swedish crown princess is pregnant and will give birth sometime March next year. Unfortunately, if the 2012 doomsdayers are correct the heir or heiress will not experience much of his or her status. The Swedish royal dynasty better hope that the Swedish prophet Calleman is correct. If so, this new heir or heiress will be born into a new world with a consciousness beyond our imagination. Has Calleman even predicted this since Sweden straddles the centre line of the Earth? Maybe the heir will be born on the next spring equinox? The riddles will unveil as we move closer to the “end” and the new beginning…



  1. Johan I Think You Were On VayKay,When The Solo Right-wing Terrorist Bombed Oslo And Murdered The Childern At Camp.
    Has This Created A More Security Obsessed Mind Set.Sweden Has One Of The Fairest Distribution Of Wealth,Unlike The U.S. Where The Bottom 40% Have Only 0.3% Of The Wealth.
    Just Wondering If The Events In Norway Have Changed The Swedish Sense Of Morality?

  2. Yes, I was in Malaysia when that happened and I did not find out about it until five days later.

    I doubt that it has created more demands on security. I am sure it would have been different had the terrorist been a person with another religious background. I think it is too early to say if our sense of morality has changed. The Norwegian government seems not to have reacted with more demands on security, etc. In that sense the terrorist failed.


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