Posted by: Johan Normark | September 7, 2011

2012: My 2012 project is still alive but in another form

I know I have mentioned this before on the blog but I am planning to compile my writings on 2012 into more than just the article I am currently preparing. At one point I ditched the idea of a book since I am overwhelmed with work in my financed projects. It is still impossible for me to finish such a book before December 21, 2012. Afterwards the 2012 phenomenon will probably move onto something else and people may lose interest in it and look for the next “doomsday” or “transformation of consciousness”.

I am still overwhelmed with work in my projects but I have thought about another “twist” of the book that makes it possible to continue to write about the phenomenon even in 2013 and later. I will take a before and after perspective, primarily seen from the responses I do get on my blog. Of the 1,600+ comments on the blog more than 2/3 are 2012 related so there is plenty of information for me to deal with (on my spare time that is…).



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