Posted by: Johan Normark | September 19, 2011

Mesolithic skulls on wooden stakes

For a variety I will just briefly report on a very interesting and unique Mesolithic discovery made the last couple of years by a team led by a former colleague of mine at Stockholm University (Fredrik Hallgren). At Kanaljorden, in the town of Motala in central Sweden, the team has uncovered several human skulls that were mounted on wooden stakes placed in a lake bed. The skulls and other artifacts of this burial site or sacrificial site appear to be roughly 8,000 years old. Skulls or skull fragments from eleven individuals, including men and women from infancy to middle-age have been found. The skulls could be part of a secondary burial ritual or they could be trophies of enemies. Ongoing research will hopefully determine if the skulls belong to locals and related people or if they belong to people of a more distant origin and if they are unrelated to one another.



  1. Is This The Nordic/maya Version Of The Tzompantli,Safricant On A Stick?

  2. It is still to soon to discuss the beliefs behind this practice. As far as I know there are no similar finds from this period.


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