Posted by: Johan Normark | September 26, 2011

A nonanthropocentric view of the human

I just sent away my final report to the Swedish Research Council for my cave and climate project. This means that I can begin to sketch on a new project application which I will not complete until spring 2013. It gives me some time to frame questions and look up new references, etc. My recent post on the hydrological cycle as a hyperobject is actually going to be used as a basis for the aspect that I wish to elaborate in that project. The working title of the project is simply “A nonanthropocentric view of the human”. Hence, I plan to use a nonanthropocentric perspective to study what we consider to be human qualities (senses, gender, meaning, etc.). The  hydrological cycle mentioned above is used to show that the single human individual simply is part of greater objects, but also to show that our body parts are objects themselves that form the human being. Water in our body make up several components that only temporarily are located in our actual form. Needless to say I am primarily looking for archaeological examples where other objects help to form humans but I do not want to be limited to the Maya area anymore (my current project is kind of my first attempt to escape Mayanist territory).



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