Posted by: Johan Normark | October 1, 2011

2012: The Mexican government cover up the aliens at Calakmul

I think there is a true Mexican government cover up story behind the new documentary of the supposed aliens at Calakmul. However, it is not the one 2012ers, UFO people, and conspiracy theorists believe it to be (there are no freaking aliens or remains of them at Calakmul or elsewhere). I believe the Mexican government to some extent is afraid that the 2012 fanatics and their associates will scare away the normal tourists at sites like Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and Uxmal where most of the Maya Riviera tourist industry takes people. Why not make a TV documentary that will lure the 2012ers into a remote site in Campeche where they will do no harm to the suffering tourist industry to the north? The government once again outsmart the people who think they have outsmarted the government. Let’s just hope Calakmul and its surrounding areas are logistically prepared for these “hoards” of free thinkers.



  1. This makes a lot of sense. I came across the story while browsing a UFO site (hardly the most reliable source of information!) and soon found Raul Julia-Levy’s press releases and began to smell a very large rat. What appalls me most is the uncritical way that even serious newspapers like The Guardian have simply swallowed the bait and not applied any critical thought to reproducing the press releases.

  2. I do not know if it is Julia-Levy or The Guardian who confuses the president of Guatemala for being Mexico’s president. Hence, I do not know what “role” Guatemala has in all of this (if anything at all), but someone combined Julia-Levy and Richard Hansen while searching on Google (a bit odd since Hansen is not working at Calakmul, but he he is one of the more publicly known Mayanists and he was an informant behind Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto). Hansen works at El Mirador in Guatemala, and during the Late Formative period Calakmul was connected to Mirador’s extended causeway system. Maybe the documentary producers are about to claim that El Mirador and its surrounding sites were part of an “alien metropolis”. Anyway, I am looking forward to the proposed evidence.

  3. Sometimes, you can simply overhthink things imho

  4. Apparently you are not aware how much Mexico is investing in promoting “2012”-related tourism this year:


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