Posted by: Johan Normark | October 6, 2011

2012: Calleman makes sure his business continues beyond the “end”

I have always wondered what the various 2012 prophets will do when their predictions on what will happen on the day the Maya Long Count fails to deliver what they have promised. It is quite obvious that Calleman has given it a bit of thought since he otherwise would be running out of business at the end of this month. His back-up plan is revealed in his most recent interpretation of what will happen after the 28th of October.  Earlier today he published a blog post where he says: “I do not think it is possible to judge yet if the waves will come to an end or not even if I am increasingly inclined to believe that they will continue indefinitely.”

Why will they continue indefinitely? Because, when “the universe attains its highest quantum state there will however be no higher state to evolve to. Rather if indeed the waves continue indefinitely this would be experienced more like a grinding process of the world and the human beings. This would go on until the unity consciousness of the Ninth wave has finally been established and all phenomena inconsistent with this weeded out.”

What this means is that Calleman will continue to spread his ideas until “the unity consciousness of the Ninth wave” is firmly established and everything that does not fit this wave is removed from existence (I assume that Calleman is synonymous with the wave itself). I’ll bet that if asked why the consciousness has not improved by October 29 Calleman will claim that the process is not finished yet. He will keep letting us know how things are proceeding, what more has been weeded out.

See and learn how to extend your business indefinitely. It is always good to have a back-up plan. Therefore, Sitler’s response to Calleman’s post misses the point to some extent. Sitler says that he is “grateful that it will soon be October 28 and that we finally will get to the “end;” not of the Mayan calendar, but of the absurdity that has come to surround this date.” Yes, we will get over the absurdity of the date, but not the absurdity of Calleman’s ideas.



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