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2012: Calleman’s purposeful universe. Pt 6 – The periodic system of biological evolution

In this post I shall continue with Calleman’s model of evolution. On page 113 he presents what he labels the “periodic system of evolution” for the four lowest Underworlds. The system “is set up so that relevant organisms emerging in the particular Days and Nights of the different Underworlds are placed in the same columns” (p 112). Hence, the emergence of higher eukaryotic cells (1.3 billion years ago according to Calleman’s calendar), higher placental mammals (63 million years ago), Australopithecus africanus (3.2 million years ago), and Homo sapiens (16,000 years ago) are placed in the same column (the 13th Heaven, Day 7,called Fruition). The dates are Calleman’s. His use of the term “higher” indicates that he believes life forms can be arranged in higher and lower forms. What separates a higher form of placental mammals from a lower form is a subjective judgment on his behalf. Placental mammals had been around for millions of years before Calleman’s dividing line (perhaps as much as 100 million years). When it comes to Homo sapiens, the 16,000 years date appears not to relate to the emergence of our species since Calleman places archaic humans to between 47,000 and 32,000 years ago. Check Wikipedia and see if he is correct…

Calleman states that each Underworld “carries an increased level of self-awareness of the biological organisms, and from this what we call intelligence emerges. We may think of each of these Underworlds as having a special purpose in the overall creation scheme and that each Underworld generates a specific level of intelligence in the biological organisms” (p 112). His system has gaps which he believes may be filled in the future, just like the real period table once included gaps which now have been filled by later discoveries. The fact that a whole infraclass (eutheria – placental mammals) pre-existed the 13th Heaven shows that there is no exact time plan for the evolution of life.

All this is created in the image of the cosmos – the Tree of Life. To Calleman “consciousness is something that emerges only from the relationship to the Cosmic Tree of Life, and it is through their reflection in the Cosmic Tree of Life that biological organisms may become fully consciousness of who they are” (p 121). This is Calleman’s most generalized explanation to the ultimate cause behind the evolution. Later on he continues to show that the constants of nature are not fine-tuned for life by accident before he attempts to describe the wider context of biological evolution.

Calleman mentions a rock carving of a serpent in Botswana which is said to be 70,000 years old. Whatever the date is, Calleman says that “according to the San people of this region, who also included the Tree of Life in their mythology, humankind descended from a python” (p 163). Sure, the San people made the carving 70,000 years ago and has remained the same since then and maintained the knowledge as well… Despite that this claim illustrates Calleman’s lack of anthropological knowledge, what does the serpent represent to Calleman? It is a Platonic wave movement. He relates this to another serpent that is “corkscrewing” around the Tree of Life in the Mixtec Codex Selden (p 165). The whole rotating/corkscrewing is the rotation of Yin/Yang polarities of the Tree of Life. This polarity exists in everything from the Universe as a whole down to the galaxy, the earth, the human being and DNA. These so-called Halos of different levels are entangled and obviously “this means that the minds of different people may be entangled with a Halo on a higher level and may therefore experience synchronistic phenomena such as telepathy” (p 171, emphasis added).

Codex Selden

There is also a sexual polarity of the galaxy that is reflected in the evolution of sexual polarity among biological organisms in the Mammalian Underworld. Hence, “sexual reproduction in animals would have evolved in response to a striving to bridge the duality introduced by the Cosmic Tree of Life on the level of the galactic Halo” (p 179). Continental drift is explained by the same yin/yang polarities, not to mention the mass extinctions I discussed in my earlier post. The Permian-Triassic extinction is brought up as an example. Here he states that this extinction “effectively and irreversibly shifted biological evolution from sea to land” (p 190). Remember how Calleman claims that evolution is set up for higher consciousness? How does the last quote fit the evolution of dolphins, which are quite intelligent creatures, perhaps only “outsmarted” by humans? It does not.

He continues with more false and misinformed statements when it comes to the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction. The reason dinosaurs went extinct was their “incompatibility with the new quantum state […]. The dinosaurs, which had small brains with little lateralization, may have been inconsistent with the new yin/yang polarity introduced at the beginning of Day 7” (p 193). Apparently Calleman is unaware that birds are feathered dinosaurs and that there are more bird species than mammal species today? Birds also dominated the early Tertiary period. Further, if non-avian dinosaurs went extinct because higher mammals had better brains, why did not crocodiles, lizards, amphibians, and fish also die out? No explanation is given why such animals still remain.

Most revealing of this whole yin/yang nonsense is that Calleman’s contradicts his own predictions. He claims that because “we ourselves have not experienced any similarly strong yin/yang-polarity shift should however not be a reason for us to deny that they may have had a powerful effect in the past” (p 194). Well, we should have experienced at least three such polarity shifts according to his own calendar (at least one when he wrote his book)! These three should have happened in 1992, on the 3rd of November last year and two days ago (October 10). Did you notice it? Did you record any mass extinctions? Please let me know.

I end this post with one of Calleman’s many false statements. According to him most Darwinists “typically emphasize only the negative aspect of mass extinctions, but I think it is important to note that extinctions also create the space for something new to emerge” (p 194). This is pretty much what contemporary evolutionary biologists also argue. His Darwinist straw man only exists in his mind (and in the minds of many 2012ers and creationists as well). I leave you with a cliff-hanger since my next post on his book will be the last one: Is there a common descent to all life forms as Darwinist evolution suggests? Not according to Calleman. The last post will reveal the most bizarre part of his model.



    Time Is Running Out And All We Want To Do Is Blather And Shout.
    Capt. Beefheart

    Surfs Up!Calleman’s Time Wave Is About To Crest.What Can We Do Now,When Time Is Almost Gone.Will Oct.29th Be Or

    • Nope, Calleman uses 13 in all positions, including the lowest temporal unit. This is not k’in btw but his own period of uaxlahunkin.

    Correct Link,Check Out The 9 Step Creation Cycle Chart.

  4. Johan,

    People that are into things like this as the charade that Dr Calleman does, don’t like proof or more care for them.
    There are many belivers that has designed a website to his glory and ‘work’ over the so-call Old Mayas, and the doctor will overlive 28’th of oktober really easy.
    HIs business will continue.

    Calleman is often invited to ‘new-age’ radio talk shows and read below what ex Henrik Palmgren wrote to me yesterday.
    He run the website ; “redicecreations”
    I asked him what to do whit Calleman’s work after November 1, 2011 ,,

    Here is a typical answer from people that are into this.
    HIs answer really do ‘tell it all’
    As I see it, Calleman ( and fellowers ) is nothing to project energy on, but it’s rather scary that you see his book’s when you visit Maya sites, and one can get a feeling this man has something to do whit Maya arkelogy.

    Br, H Nordström, Falun, Sweden.

    Haha …or ”puust” might be a better expression.

    Write a book or create a blogg, set up a website and welcome to the ‘family’ ,,debate (?)

    I do not understand what you want.

    First thing, you need to take this debate whit Calleman.

    There are as many interpretations of Maya Calander as there are people that try to understand it. No new experiance for me. If you look after the ‘official’ or ‘accepted’ version (if there now is any) of the Maya calender or what the people of Maya collective know or thought, so from that perspective I don’t understand why you listen on our show in first place and why you ‘only’ focus on this ONLY tema.

    We bring up ALOT of diffirent material that are on the ‘edge’ of classical interpretations – everything from siance to religion, history, mytologi to conspiracy, politics, phsycologi, metafhysical areas etc, and if this upset’s you, why don’t you just stop listen on our show.

    The purpose whit our program is not that you should agreee to all we interwiev.

    There are alot of crazy idea’s about 2012 and the Maya calander – and personally I don’t think Carl’s is one of thoose.

    I has read three of his books and do take it soft – that comes as whit the field. It’s a theory – as anything else. Wow, what a experiance!

    We has interwiued alot of diffirent reaseachers about this area and we has not put one over anyone.

    We present diffirante understandings about alot of interpretation and let the listeners decide what they like of the material.

    You allready know what you think of Callemans material – perfect, then you know that we helped you reach that point.

    Or whit other word. WE did our work.

    Good Luck.


    ”all in the fields of Maya reasach” – Haha, All? Who is all?

    ”but where is the border to all this ridiculasity” –Yes, because we all know that it is YOU that set this border.

    • Yes, the whole 2012 circus is full of people who learn about the Maya from biased sources and they lack the interest to assess more reliable sources.

  5. I would argue that the scene above in the Codex Selden, represents a Mesoamericanized version of the Hindu inspired creation myth known as The Churning of the Milk Ocean. The complex scene is first and foremost divided into three sections, separating the upper world, from the underworld, and the middle world from which the tree emerges. The upper world is depicted and framed at the corners of the page with a sky band depicting disembodied eyes, which represent the soul of the deified ancestral dead as the stars above. Framing in the bottom portion of the page is a two-headed feline/serpent, depicted with a stylized design of criss-crossing bands which can be linked to a Maya verb jal, which means create, (Coe; p.163). The dual headed serpent which frames the bottom of the page also surrounds a body of water that I believe represents the so-called Milk ocean of Hindu mythology. Emerging from this sea of creation (note waves) is a tree depicting a single eye, and intertwined serpents, emerging from a sacred altar platform that depicts a band of stylized step glyphs, symbolizing the descent and emergence from the underworld. Coiled around the trunk and branches of this sacred tree is a two-headed serpent, which depicts feline fangs symbolizing the serpents descent into and out from the underworld. The serpents feline attributes represent the underworld transformation that takes place prior to the Sun God’s resurrection from the underworld. The central portion of the scene likely symbolize middle earth, from which the Tree of Life emerges. The codex scene depicts two main characters or deities sitting on opposite sides of the tree. I believe they symbolize both the God of Life and the God of death. The God of Life and god of the upper world sits at the left of the tree. He appears to have emerged from the mouth of the serpent below him at left. Opposite the God of Life, on the other side of the tree is the God of Death, who has emerged from the mouth of the serpent with the feline head.
    Both deities hold in their hands a ritual sacrament, to be eaten or offered as a gift to the Tree of Life, from which the Sun God is reborn and immortality is obtained.
    At the top of the page we see the newly born Sun God emerge from a V-shaped cleft depicted in the upper branches of the Tree of Life. To the right of the Sun God in the upper right hand corner of the page is an icon that is shaped like a drinking vessel that bears a symbol of five points beneath the vessel that refers to the so-called “fiveness” of Venus, referring to the planets five sonodic cycles, noted by scholars in the Dresden Codex. I believe that this symbol is linked to the Soma ritual and the sacred day Ahau, in the Venus calendar, when Venus is first visible rising from the Underworld as the Morning Star. I would argue that this Venus resurrection ritual is intimately connected with the Soma beverage and Soma sacrifices mentioned in the Rig Veda. The symbol to the left of the Sun God, and opposite the probable Soma vessel located at the left hand corner of the page is the year sign in the Aztec calendar.

    Moving on to the middle portion of the scene, I believe the sequence of events, reads from right to left, and is as follows. Just to the right of the altar platform from which the Tree of Life emerges, there is a bleeding turtle just above a body of water I believe refers to the “Milk Ocean” in Hindu mythology. The bleeding turtle is located just below the deity identified as the God of Death and the Underworld. The bleeding turtle in this scene represents the sacrificial victim, whose shell or carapace in this scene will be the sacred portal linked to immortality and divine resurrection. The turtle’s bloody heart can be seen sitting on top of the altar platform just to the left of the tree, as a sacrificial gift to the Gods of Life and Death who are responsible at times completion for the death and daily rebirth and resurrection of the Sun God. Note that the three turtle carapaces depicted in the primordial sea moving from right to left, under the Tree of Life, is a reference to the three hearthstones of creation, and that the turtle carapace located on the far left just below Tlaloc’s severed head appears to have a star symbol inside the shell, which likely alludes to the planet Venus and that the turtle represents Venus as a divine resurrection star.

    Just below the Tree of Life, underneath the altar platform is the carapace of the turtle with the head of a feline emerging, symbolizing the turtle’s transformation in the underworld into the Underworld Jaguar. The sequence of events moves to the left, and then up, with the empty turtle carapace still in the sea, but just above and to the left of the altar platform is a stylized severed head, associated with the ritual act of decapitation. The stylized severed head bears the image of the Mexican Rain and Lightening God Tlaloc, who also represents the God of the Underworld and thus he represents the god of underworld decapitation, as the Evening Star aspect of the planet Venus. Tlaloc’s severed head in this scene is stylized to represent a divine star reborn from the Underworld. Tlaloc can be easily identified in this scene by his trademark goggled eyes, feline fangs, and handlebar mustache. Those who died for Tlaloc or were under his watchful eye, went directly to his divine paradise called Tlalocan.
    The Soma ritual was an integral part of Vedic religion where Soma was drunk by the priesthood during sacrifices. Verses in the Rig Veda refer to Soma as the “single eye”, the eye of the sun, symbolism, that can be clearly seen above in the Selden Codex, and in the iconography at Teotihuacan in the highlands of Mexico referred to as the disembodied eye.

  6. Thanks for that clarification. However, why the references to Hindu mythology? The interpretation can be done without them.


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