Posted by: Johan Normark | October 18, 2011

2012: Calleman is touring Sweden (or is he not?)

Just a couple of days after the shocking news that Semir Osmanagich, the Bosnian pyramid schemer, will be visiting Kalmar in Sweden today I received the news that Carl Johan Calleman, the Swedish transformer of consciousness, is touring Sweden to preach the gospel so to speak. This means that there are plenty of self-proclaimed “Maya-experts” in the country at the same time!

I have been in contact with a man from the town of Falun who yesterday decided to attend Calleman’s scheduled talk in the small town of Nora, “only” 150 km from Falun. Once he got there Calleman had not shown up and the organizer had not heard anything from him at that point at least. My contact waited for an hour before he returned to Falun. Last year my he had planned to see one of Calleman’s followers, Haniel (aka Ola Pettersson), in Borlänge and Sandviken (my hometown) but Haniel did not show up as well. The organizers blamed the whole thing on some misunderstanding (I can see why Calleman and his followers look forward to a transformation of consciousness). 2011ers, this is not how to treat your followers if you wish to continue with your buisness after the 28th of October.

I have no idea if Calleman is in Sweden but I wonder who set up the schedule for him. Tonight he is giving a talk in Helsingborg and this is quite far from Nora. It is not impossible to get there in time with a car but it is not the best route since he is scheduled for a talk here in Göteborg tomorrow. Maybe Calleman skipped Nora and aims for the larger locations such as Helsingborg and Göteborg? Will I go and listen to him tomorrow at Dalheimers hus, Slottskogsgatan 12 (19-21:30) you probably wonder? I have other things to do and I am not that willing to finance his business. One book is enough. But who knows? At least I do not have to drive 300 km for five hours and wait one hour to see if the transformer arrives or not.



  1. Do you have predictions for what he’s going to be claiming come October 29? Assuming, of course, the world doesn’t end on the 21st (can’t wait ’til that particular doomsday thing is over and done with).

  2. I do not know but he seems to be preparing himself:

  3. I m not sure what Calleman is talking about unity consciousness, or what is unity consciousness? But I m sure unity consciousness will never happen, we are not bugs.

  4. Unity consciousness is not in the Maya calender, and it is not in the Bible.

  5. But it is found in various New Age litterature which Calleman combines with evolutionary ideas and creationism.


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