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2012: Quote of the day – “We have ten fingers, ten toes – Twenty! Calleman knows this, since he has a PhD in physical biology”

For the rest of you people out there, those without a PhD in physical biology, the above quote may be groundbreaking news. This quote and other similar words of wisdom can be found at, a blog/website written by a former colleague of Calleman. He has been in the New Age business of Mayanism for almost 15 years as far as I can tell. It is fantastic that one can be an “expert” on the Maya for a decade and a half and still know so little about them. In short, he worked with Calleman for several years but has now come to the insight that the Maya Elders do not approve of the various “end dates” and therefore not only Calleman but also all others are wrong. I will give you the most revealing parts of his transcript of one of his talks.

As usual the New Agers get the archaeological data wrong and understands the calendar in their own distorted way. His attitude is that nothing has happened in Maya studies since Eric Thompson’s death in the mid-1970s! I am sure that is true in his world since he refers to the hieroglyphs as symbols (as esoteric symbols that is). Most glyphs are primarily phonetic in nature.

He sets the Postclassic to 843-1220 AD and after that the Maya left their “blue cities”. That is incorrect. I suggest Haniel check out Mayapan, Tulum, and why not Tayasal. Most monumental architecture was dominated by red colors. Haniel also claims that the Aztecs received the tzolkin from the Maya, and that is also incorrect. I am sure that he believes the Aztec calendar stone also represent the Long Count (a common misunderstanding among 2012ers). This is probably why Haniel refers to the Fifth cycle of the Sun. This is an idea that existed among the Aztecs and the Postclassic Maya also had an idea of several creations. However, it is an unknown concept in Classic and Preclassic Maya inscriptions and art.

It is always annoying when Calleman, and in his former colleague in this case, argues that the Long Count has nothing to do with astronomy. It actually does from one perspective, from the most basic perspective. The smallest temporal unit is the day/sun and if the sun is not considered to be an astronomical object I do not know what is. He also states with confidence that the Maya did not have a lunar calendar. This is wrong, lunar data is found on monuments with a Long Count date.

I suggest Haniel read something written by professional Mayanists. David Stuart’s book “The Order of Days” should be a good introduction. Here he will find the ancient Maya conceptualization of the Long Count calendar. After that maybe he will not write obvious mistakes and state that “the Maya say that the Tun-Count, the foundation to the December 21:st, 2012 date; was lost in the 800′s AD, when the Mayans abandoned the lowlands. This is when they lost the their count. Since the 1600s, we also can find variations in the Haab calendar dates.” Apparently Haniel is unaware of the Short Count, the 13 Katun cycle that was used until the late 1600s (at Tayasal). A katun is 20 tuns.

As I have mentioned before, most Maya Elders have little to no knowledge about the Long Count and the ancient Maya. What they now know is primarily the result of research by non-Maya. They are of course entitled to their view but the argument that they know better because they are Maya is just political correctness of the worst kind. I am from Sweden, the “land of the Vikings”. I do not know much about them and I am sure there are Mexicans or Guatemalans that know more about Vikings than me. I do not have problem with that. The Maya Elders are not carriers of ancient pure knowledge, they are carriers of contemporary agenda(s).

The correlation issue is complex and it is clear that Haniel knows nothing about the black-boxed arguments hidden in this debate. I am not in favor of the 21 December, 2012 date but it is at least partly supported by some available data. The fact is that the GMT -correlation depends on continuity of the tzolkin in the highlands of Guatemala, the same calendar that the Maya Elders use so one cannot claim that the ancient Maya 4 Ajaw date can be replaced by 13 Ajaw. The whole 13 Baktun nonsense has been infiltrating the Maya Elders for some time now. The Elders emphasize the 13 Ajaw date, but the ancient Maya monuments emphasize 4 Ajaw. To state that the “end” of 13 Baktun should fall on a 13 Ajaw date instead of 4 Ajaw simply shows that one has not understood how the calendars work. Hence, we can at least rule out Calleman’s date since it is mathematically impossible.

In one way Haniel is correct, but from a completely different reason. He says that the proposed “end dates” have no support from the Maya (I assume he means the Maya Elders). Indeed, there is no end date or a countdown at all. If we follow David Stuart’s conclusion, the Long Count is just a short-hand version of the true Long Count (as seen at Coba). The whole length of this Long Count is 71,8 Octillion years (27 zeros). We are a little more than halfway through that Looooong Count. From that perspective the whole 13 Baktun circus is completely pointless.



  1. Johan Excelent Post,Calleman May Have Faulty Data And Loose Conclusions,But He Raised Communication On Time And Our Relation To Time.He Also Increased International Interest In The Maya,Who Have Have A Personal Relationship With The Cosmos Through Belife And Observation.The Maya Elders Have Spoken Of Regaining Balance And Respect For Pachamama And That Earth Changes May Be Accuring,If Not Today,Maybe Tomorrow.The 99% Movement Is A Move Away From Financialism And Entitelment,Towards Unity.
    Space Is What Seperates Us,Time Is What Unites Us,Viva El Cholq’ij Revelotion!

    • According to OOO space and time are the tensions between real objects and sensual objects. Unity is simply an unrealistic goal where all known objects are part of a greater object (the Earth in this case). Unity will never occur, there are always lines of flight out of an object.

  2. Quirigua from the twentieth century, and the Great Plaza with the mysterious sculptures that have mesmerized countless travelers. British author Aldous Huxley, who passed this way in the 1930’s, aptly noted that Quirigua’s stelae commemorate “…human triumph over time and matter and the triumph of time and matter over man.” Certainly, the ancient Maya were obsessed with measuring great spans of time. Priests used their complex calendar like a time machine, roaming at will through the distant past and future. Archaeologists have decoded inscriptions on stelae F and D at Quirigua; they refer to obscure events that took place some 90 and 400 million years ago.

    • Is this after he became a perennial philosopher?

  3. If We Were Like Chan-Bahlum,Pakal’s Son And Heir To The Throne Of Palenque “We Would Have 12 Fingers And 12 Toes….24”

    • During the Colonial period the katun was extended to 24 years before it was abandoned. No connection to Pakal’s son, just an observation.


  5. Stuart Translates The Right-side Of Monument 6 As Bolon Yookte’ Ku’h As 9′ Tree Gods,I Like John M.Jenkins Take On The Inscription Balam Yookte’ K’uh As Jaguar Foot Tree A Depiction Of The World Tree.
    I Also Belive You Don’t Need A Blood Quotion To Comment On The Pre-Columbian Maya.Not Everyone Has The Same Opinion.

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