Posted by: Johan Normark | October 27, 2011

2012: My son’s name day falls on the “end day”

Slightly more bearded than my son

For those of you who still is wondering what will happen on the Callemanian end date of the 28th of October I have two answers for you right here. We have a tradition of so-called name days here in Sweden and the 28th of October happens to be Simon’s day. Simon the Zealot is usually depicted with a saw and undoubtedly the intended message here is that he will saw down Calleman’s Tree of Life. If that Biblical interpretation is not your cup of tea, I have a much more likely alternative interpretation. Simon is also the name of my son so I do believe there is some meaning to all this (I mean, it cannot be a coincidence that Calleman’s end date falls on the day of his main debunker’s son’s name day, can it?). My son is also adopted from China and following Calleman’s fool proof analysis of the Yin/Yang polarities, China will dominate from tomorrow and onwards. Once again I quote Mao Zedong: There is great chaos under heaven – the situation is excellent. That’s it folks.


  1. You’re right! China just recently “bought” Europe by saying it’ll buy up it’s debt (thus effectively buying us up lol).
    China now rules the world, all hail Maotzedong (spelling)

    • Yes, now we just will have to see if they reinstall the mandate of heaven.

  2. Well, I have irrefutable proof that Calleman’s date must be wrong and 21 Dec 2012 must be right after all: Yesterday I bought a bottle of ketchup (not maya-nnaise, sorry) with a best before date of 21 Dec 2012. Luckily, it’s “best before” and not “use by”.

  3. However, I do have cans that have a best before date sometime in 2013…


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