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2012: Some recent attempts to fake the fake

As I have stated in a couple of earlier posts my coverage of the 2012 phenomenon will primarily focus on academic Mayanists in the future now that I am done with Calleman’s “end date” (for now at least). Before I do this I will just briefly comment on news related to the 2012 circus.

Raul Julia-Levy continues to “inform” media about the upcoming documentary that supposedly will reveal that aliens were present at Calakmul (and other sites as well I assume). He has a photograph that depicts a monumental head/face that is claimed to have been removed from Guatemala and which now is hidden in the USA (similar arguments are typical of conspiracy theorists and makes sure that it is impossible to check the facts). Based on this photograph archaeologist Héctor Mejía (who does exist, he is a facebook contact of mine), claims that the head dates back to 3,500 and 5,000 BC. (such dating is impossible without any additional data). Mejía states that the face does not resemble any Maya, Olmec, or any other Mesoamerican style (or “race” – see the remarkable comment on “fine characteristics”). He concludes that it was created by “an extraordinary and superior civilization with awesome knowledge of which there is no record of existence on this planet”. From the context it is difficult to know if it is Mejía or just the film maker who insinuates an extraterrestrial origin. Can one believe in aliens and still be a respectable archaeologist? It all depends if you separate your personal beliefs from scientific practice. See my post on how a Mormon archaeologist has trespassed this borderline. If what the Wrap says is true (?) and Mejía believes it to be of an extraterrestrial origin, he has definitely crossed that border. However, I do not believe a word of this TV producer so I  doubt that Mejía has said this.

Other news regards the supposed discovery of over a thousand codices in a LA museum. One of them is called “Windcall Codex” and on the first page of the codex it is said that five Maya performs a ceremony while holding five crystal skulls. The skulls are used throughout the codex and a transformation takes place at Chichen Itza on the last page. It has supposedly been radiocarbon dated to the 14th century (at a time when Chichen Itza primarily was a pilgrimage center, not a site of true political power). Just the fact that Hunbatz Men and Drunvalo Melchizedek are associated with these codices should be an alarm call that these are fakes.

Here is an example of one of these “lost codices” (I do not know if this is the “Windcall Codex”). I am not an expert on hieroglyphs but this codex does not look like any of the four known codices. The whole design is a mess. Other codices do not include lines from glyphs to images. The images themselves are most revealing. Most of them look like hands and arms, not the typical motif found in a codex. One of the images depicts two hands holding what looks like a head (a crystal skull?) seen from above (not the way Maya depicted heads).

I guess no 2012er cares about the authenticity of the monument (or rather the photograph) or of the codices as long as the fake fact that these “secrets” have been covered up by the government and archaeologists can confirm the authenticity of their conspiracy theories. I plan not to write anything more about 2012 for a week or so.


  1. Not being informed about alien life in the universe is the mark of a bildungsphilister. Even if ignorance of the nuance of the subject as to why it’s not as widely documented as say The Economists ‘genius of capitalism’ reporting earlier this decade or The News of the Word’s inability to report fairly on phone hacking still leaves the math or maths as we say in the UK to examine but don’t let that distract you from memorising the nuance mentioned earlier as it takes a couple of hundred hours of reasonable research to understand why populations are uninformed.

    So lets stick to the maths. Richard Feyman said he didn’t believe in UFOs but he did believe in probability. There’s a hundred billion stars in our galaxy and the bildungsphilister is invariably marked by their ignorance of how many galaxies are in the Universe. It’s around a hundred billion so one can imagine what sort of media drug needs to be ingested to believe with a couple of hundred years of science under out belts that we are alone in the Universe while being say completely ignorant of why non terrestrial life hasn’t knocked on the door to introduce themselves.

    Drunvalo Melchizedek is a fraud. But he’s milking the alien cow because he knows that is going to add credibility to his fraudulent activity sooner rather than later.

  2. Are you referring to me as a bildungsphilister? Lol if that is the case.

    Whatever the case is some corrections and additions to your comment are needed since your math is wrong and way too simplified. There are about 200-400 billion stars in our galaxy and there are between 150 and 200 billion galaxies. Huge numbers indeed and the probability is great that there are alien life forms in many solar systems. Are these lifeforms likely to evolve to look like human beings considering the multitude of possible evolutionary paths there are? Those who eventually come to look like humans, how many develop technology that makes it possible to travel for millions of lightyears and end up on this particular planet? Finally, if they have that technology, why would they build fairly simple constructions in Guatemala or make poorly drawn codices (simple from the perspective of their supposed technological advancement)? I will find that probability very low. The probability that these codices and the “head” are frauds is much higher.

  3. That codex is clearly a fake. The paper looks very new, and has been prepared the same way that the tourist-trap “Maya bark paper” souvenirs are prepared, not the way the real Maya codices were prepared (with stucco on narrow, vertically-oriented pages). The hieroglyphs have been roughly copied out of the Dresden codex except that the artist knows nothing about Maya writing, with the result being utter gibberish. The artist isn’t even consist about which side of the glyphs the numbers go, and includes numbers much higher than 13 with tzolkin glyphs. Trouble is, there are no haab glyphs to fill out a full date. There are no verbs either, and the filling in of every space with random glyphs is just yet further proof that this is a very poorly done fake. The disembodied hands look like they’ve come out of a Japanese book on Buddhist mudras and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is the work of some New Ager who got tired of waiting for real codices to appear. I’m not surprised either that Hunbatz Men is involved in this fraud.

    Regarding space travel and aliens, it is true that probability indicates it highly likely that there are other highly intelligent species out there. However, the chances of them being able to reach us is still extremely remote. So extreme that I think it is closest to the impossible side. There is no proof yet that faster-than-light travel is possible and plenty of reason to suspect it is simply impossible. As such, there is little reason to believe any other intelligent species out in the universe is even aware of our existence, let alone trying to reach us. As Johan points out, if they are so intelligent and advanced, they wouldn’t try to trick us with primitive stone carvings.

    • I have nothing to say about the fake codex, but it sounds like it is a fake. However, intelligent alien life on Earth is far from being extremely remote. If you read the bible, from the very beginning, is all about aliens and us humans, and alien activities here on Earth, until they all left about 560 BC. Marduk and his son Nabu stayed behind, but later Marduk died in Babylon , And Nannar/Sin son of Enlil came back 50 years later, he anointed the last king of Babylon, and retired with his wife in the Sinai peninsula, the seed of Islam originated from him, and I think later he also left the Earth Planet. I think I know why they all left, they also all promised, that they will return, but I m almost sure that they will not.
      Their leaders, from an alien royal family had a lot of disagreements,and Sodoma, and Gomorah were destroyed with alien veapons.

      • I am not an expert on the writings by Zechariah Sitchin, but what you just wrote does sound like something he would come up with (the annunaki, etc), like this version with a German accent:

      • Gilgamesh, it is clear that you have bought into New Age pseudoscience. Your information is either garbled or flat out incorrect. I urge you to study up on some real sources on Babylonian history. Marduk was the god worshipped at Babylon, he was certainly not an actual lord living at and ruling the site. The Nabu you refer to is probably a garbling of Nabonidus (Nabu-na’id) who was the last king of Babylon, ruling from 556-539 BC. Nanna is the Sumerian name of the moon god in Sumerian (Sin being the Akkadian name), who was thought of as the son of Enlil, the wind god. Nanna/Sin was worshipped at Ur, not at Babylon. and is not connected with the Sinai or Islam. To connect these Mesopotamian gods with aliens is just pseudoscientific nonsense, without a shred of factual support. That this will not convince New Agers and pseudoscientists I acknowledge, but the science and archaeology and history all show that this alien hypothesis is nothing but a modern myth.

      • If I remember correctly, Sitchin got most of his ideas from interpreting a seal (or seals) depicting what he argued to be the sun surrounded by ten planets. This is before Pluto was degraded from the planet status though. The annunaki is supposed to have come from this tenth planet (Nibiru). Some 2012ers believe Nibiru will arrive here late next year and bring havoc. It better hurry up…

      • Hi Stanley.
        I m not a new ager, but I can see, that the dark forces of the church that ruled over science, and knowledge, for hundreds of years, is still lingering in the spirit of science today.
        And I can understand that, things take time it will not happen over night, but I m sure the Sitchin books; The Earth Chronicles and aliens living in ancient times here on Earth and even take human females as wives, as Marduk did and his space pilots, will be accepted as true.
        Maybe some 2012ers believe that Nibiru will arrive here next year, but it will be about in 2900 when Nibiru will arrive in our Solar System.

      • Sigh…

      • Gilgamesh, if you believe Sitchin then you are a New Ager/conspiracy theorist, and you are dead wrong. Sitchin is either a fraud or astoundingly deluded. To be blunt, Sitchin doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sitchin’s ideas are based upon his interpretation of cylinder seal VA243, but Sitchin’s interpretation is demonstrably false: The man simply does not know what the sun icon looks like in Mesopotamian art. And you believe this guy? Sorry, Gilgamesh, but Sitchin is a pseudoscientist and if you believe him then science contradicts your beliefs too. You can still believe him if you wish, but you cannot say that you are following science to arrive at such patently false beliefs.

      • Hi Stanley.
        In my opinion the different interpretations of seal VA243 by different scholars is just different guess interpretations. Speculations. Like, Sitchin wrote in his book; Journeys To The Mythical Past, on page 157; a noted astronomer wrote to him, regarding the VA243 seal “It is undoubtedly a depiction of a solar system” “But since there is no way the Sumerians could have known that 6000 years ago, it must be a depiction of another solar system.
        [ LOL The Sumerians could no way know about our solar system, but they knew about another solar system ?]

      • Gilgamesh, you are simply wrong. These various interpretations of seal VA243 are not all just guesses. Sitchin’s is wild speculation, based on false assumptions and demonstrably incorrect interpretations, while those of the Mesopotamian experts are supported by comparisons to the rest of Sumerian and Mesopotamian art. You quote a “noted astronomer” as declaring the seal to represent a solar system, but why on earth should we believe that an astronomer has any expertise or qualification to judge what a Sumerian seal represents? The astronomer should stick to his area of expertise, astronomy, and leave the interpretation of Mesopotamian seals to those who actually know what they’re looking at. As was pointed out in that link I sent you, that “sun” in the middle of the planets is actually a star. So Sitchin is wrong from the very beginning. You need to be far more critical in your accepting of arguments about ancient art.

      • I must also add that what Sitchin did and what 2012ers do today is simply ethnocentric nonsense and should be ridiculed to dust;

      • Hi Stanley,
        You are correct, Nabu-na’id was the last king of Babylon, but at that time they had Enki-ite and Enlil-ite power in Babylon and nobody liked this errangement.
        But you are wrong about everything else, Nabu is not a garbling of Nabu-na’id, Nabu-na’id was the son of Adda-Guppi temple priestess, she made a deal with Nannar/Sin to make her only son king of Babylon. And Nabu was the son of Marduk.
        In 626 BC general NABUpolassar implied at a festival that he was
        the son of Nabu, and Marduk put him in power, And NABUpolassar was the father of NEBUchadnezzar.
        So there is no garbling here about Nabu for Nabu-na’id.
        All this is explained the Sitchin books.
        However, I dont know how Nabu-na’id was named, as they were Enlil-ites, and Marduk and Nabu were Enki-ites.

      • Gilgamesh, how many other sources have you consulted apart from Sitchin? I do not mean sources which simply refers back to Sitchin. In order to reach a thorough understanding of any topic one needs to read several different sources.

  4. Thanks for the input Stan. Yes, I am sure this is the work of a New Ager and I am also wondering if any of these “codices” are the ones the film maker has been mentioning before. Maybe he/she used Google Translate…?

    I think I have seen the black and white photo of the “mask”/face before (at another suspicious website, but I cannot remember where).

  5. I manage to find an article in Spanish, and if the translation is correct, Stephen Hawking sent a letter to Raul Julia-Levy with the apparent quote, they name the person who took the photo in the 1930s, and that the Mayan council of Elders (who you identify as the people involved with the 1,000 codices) wil be involved as well:

    MEXICO CITY-The film in preproduction, Maya Revelations 2012 and beyond: A planetary event discover the communication that had this extraterrestrial civilization for over 3000 years and announcing their prophecies and the end of an era on 21 in December 2012.

    The documentary’s producer Raul Julia Levy revealed to hey! Millennium one of the theories that check in his documentary, which will begin filming in early December in the state of Campeche.

    This is a photograph taken in the late 30’s where we see a head of 17 meters by 2 meters in diameter was found south of the country, according to scientists who do not have the characteristics of the Mayan culture.

    “The picture I sent her an archaeologist who is collaborating with us on the project, and asked him to send me something to give to know the people, because you are entitled to have this information,” said Julia Levy, Jr. the legendary actor Raul Julia, who gave birth to ‘Homer’ in the film The Addams Family.

    According to a letter that certifies the authenticity of the photograph, owned by hey! and signed by the Guatemalan archaeologist Héctor E. Mejia, ensures that the photo is owned by Oscar Rafael Padilla archaeologist Lara, the letter reads: “The picture shows a picture of a bust at a glance you can see the brain is long and fine features are not consistent with the American and Hispanic race which was created by an extraordinary civilization with knowledge of those who are not covered on the planet, according to the producer. ”

    Julia says: “This picture has a very rare, was taken by Dr. Oscar Padilla Lara in the late 30 and an archaeologist who works with us is a person close to him, is the only photo we have, because the head was taken away. Scientists around the world were to investigate, not found and according to unofficial sources, I can not mention, it was brought to the United States as it is in New Mexico, “said the producer.

    At first the film would be directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo (The hole), but canceled their participation, so some names being considered to direct. The important thing, and the credibility of the project, integrates the renowned British scientist Stephen Hawking.

    “Hawking is one of the scientists who speak of the relationship Maya and alien. In a letter sent us says, ‘I warned humanity that extraterrestrial life exists and are out there that have been friends of the Maya does not mean they are friends of humanity and thus to evade humanity should not come into contact with them, ‘he said when I mentioned the project, “said Julia Levy.

    Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond: A Planetary Event advances in research and are gaining a lot of information from classified files that the governments of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize provide, as well as the so-called National Council of Elders Mayas of Guatemala, which is announcing the end one was the next December 21, 2012 and the beginning of another.

    The intention is for the world to reflect the harm he is doing to the planet and know this culture is announcing the end of an era.

    “We want to educate and open the eyes of humanity because we are entering a new era for many reasons in an irresponsible way the media has told people that it is an age of light, that is totally false, we are entering an era which, if not open our eyes to time, it will be disastrous for humanity, this planet was not designed or intended for 7 billion people, this planet was only for 2 000 500 million people, according to the Mayan codices ” concluded Julia Levy.

    Beyond …

    * Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond: A Planetary is a documentary he plans to report on the 2012 Mayan prophecies and codices were written, is seen by aliens.

    * The producer Raul Julia Levy revealed to hey! a photograph of the late 30’s to the south where there is an elongated brain figure and fine features not consistent with pre-Hispanic races of America, according to an archaeologist Héctor E. Verifies Mejia.

    * The end of an era according to the Maya is the December 21, 2012, ending a cycle of 5000 years.

    * The filmmaker Juan Carlos Rulfo canceled his participation, but it integrates the scientist Stephen Haking, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of Slovenia, Danilo Türk, among other heads of state and prime ministers, according to the producer.

    * The documentary will be recorded in the archaeological site of Calakmul in Campeche state.

  6. Thanks for the link. How convenient that such a codex gives us this information about the carrying capacity of the Earth just as we officially pass the 7 billion mark… I wonder if the “codices” mentioned here are the same as the one Hunbatz Men uses (but I do not know how involved he is with the Council of the Elders in Guatemala).

  7. Sam let me know that the film maker goes about on his twitter account:!/rauljulialevy

    I quote the website “Bad Archaeology” here concerning the strategy behind pseudoscientists: “rather than try out your new ideas on your peers (or, in the case of a discovery made by someone who is an amateur in a particular field, on acknowledged experts), you go straight to the mass media to instil your ideas in popular imagination. In that way, when the real experts begin to raise awkward questions, you can claim that they are trying to suppress your revolutionary ideas.”

    In this case, the man behind the idea is part of media himself. This is a bad combination and distortion of evidence is the likely outcome of this hoax.

  8. We 7 Billion Survivors Can Still Fit On The Isle Of Mann.

  9. […] has been produced for the existence of the codices (well, one of them, at least) in the form of a photograph. It’s a very odd looking Maya codex. The layout and the artwork are nothing like the four known […]


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