Posted by: Johan Normark | November 9, 2011

2012: The Callemanian calendar has come to an end and please let it rest in peace

Carl Johan Calleman describes himself as “a person who honors truth more than tradition, and for this reason I am probably also the only person in modern times to have suggested a solution to the Mayan calendar.” Indeed, what can be more truthful than to distort the traditional Maya calendar and invent a new one claiming this one is the truth. He has not provided a “solution” to the Maya calendar (as if one is needed) but he has found the solution to his potential financial crisis now that his calendar has ended. This can be found in a recent post on his website (as I predicted a month ago without consultation of any calendar whatsoever).

Apparently people are reporting to him that “they experience a flattening of time, an end to time acceleration and as a result a great calmness.” Future is losing its previous meaning because it is no longer a place to reach. First of all, time is not a place or a space and we are always in the present whatever we believe. The Callemanian calendar has ended but not time itself (which is contradicting Calleman’s own model, but he will not admit that of course). He says that it will take some” time” before all external manifestations become visible. Since time has slowed down, according to Calleman, we can therefore expect a very slow transformation. I predict the transformation will take as long as Calleman is alive and feels the urge to explain to us the truth behind the events we experience.

Now he is arguing that there were some inertia and delay even before the end which goes against his own model (but who cares about that one now, it is not relevant in our new age). How an ingenious strategy he has created for himself.  In hindsight he claims that the “beginning of the seventh day of the Galactic Underworld on November 3, 2010, which many were celebrating as a day of balancing male and female and an end to dominance” actually was delayed for “several months after shifts until it more tangibly manifested in the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.” Calleman is simply cherry picking his so-called predictions. If something falls near his “predictions” he lets everyone know as soon as possible. If a “prediction” fails he just waits until a later date and claim that the change simply has been delayed…

If you believe Calleman, evolution followed the Callemanian calendar up until October 28, 2011, but now we are free to do whatever we will. Is not that great or what? Calleman can now continue to connect events in hindsight, just as before, but now without the need to explain a failed prediction. To be honest, Calleman provides at least one possible reason to why consciousness really has not transformed during the past two weeks. It is because most of us are too old, being born and raised in a materialistic wave. He hopes that those who have been born during the last waves will have a transformed consciousness. As I have predicted myself, our new Swedish heir to the throne will be pretty smart when he/she is born next year. Awaiting those consciously transformed beings will take some time and Calleman can continue to spread his “truth” for a long time. I predict we will see plenty of similar transformations of explanations around Christmas time next year. The 2012ers will not let their calendars rest in peace.



  1. I never read any of Dr Calleman’s books, and I guess it would be too late to
    buy one now.


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