Posted by: Johan Normark | November 11, 2011

2012: 11/11/11

No, I will not write extensively about how this Gregorian calendar date does not relate to the Maya Long Count. Fringe theorists will, of course, make the connection anyway. Today it is, 1 Ix 2 Keh according to the GMT correlation. There is nothing special about the date from the Long Count perspective. It is just another of these unimportant calendar dates that simply are recordings of Chronos, not of Aion. I think I’ll side with the triple O perspective and say that time simply is the tension between sensual objects and their sensual qualities. Time only exists on the inside of objects and it is only the product of objects. The calendar dates, whatever calendar you use, are simply part of a calendar-object whose essence is withdrawn from us. This gives anyone the possibility to speculate on transcendent and divine causes behind time, but time is simply immanent to the objects around you. Time is just the result of “physical” tensions. It is not out of this world. 

Update: Here is another numerological combination: On the Swedish Lucia (St Lucy) Day, December 13, we will have the numerological combination 11.12.13 (that is how we record dates over here). So I’ll bet the light will arrive at 14:15 on that day. Lucia was from Italy and since Italy and Sweden straddles Calleman’s planetary midline it can only mean that the light arrives from the North, only a few days before the winter solstice 2011. The Maya got it all wrong.

For those who like numerology, mythology and the birth of a new age I can give you this to listen to:



  1. 11/11/11 Is Saint Martin’s Day Where In Certain Mesoamerican Villages The Dance Of The Deer Is Performed,Partisapants Don Deer Costumes And Raise The Axis Mundi (world tree).
    In Saintiago Atitlan The Martin Bundle Is Lowered From The Rafters And The Nab’eysil Dance With The Bundle.”Everything Is New Again Because We Have Danced”

  2. A Video Showing The Deer Dance And The Raising Of The Axis Mundi To Saint Louis

  3. That may be the case but these rituals have nothing to do with today’s Long Count calendar date (if the GMT is correct).

  4. The Long Count Was Only Used For A Short Period In The Classic Maya But Was Reinterduced And Used By Modern Cronologists.The Deer Is A Representation Of Tojil The Creator God Of Rain,Fire,And Substance,Sometimes Refered To As “Our Lord Deer”.The Raising Of The Axis Mundi Relates To Recreation And Reserection Of The Maize God Spliting The Turtle Carapice.

  5. Saint Martin’s Day Is A Harvest Festival Event.Todays Intent And Aspect Is 1/Jaguar-Ix On The Sacred Cholq’ij,An Animal Persued And Killed In The Dance Of The Deer.

  6. This might be news to you. Lower Dover is adjacent to long studied Barton Ramie settlement in western Belize…


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