Posted by: Johan Normark | November 16, 2011

The Sword

I usually do not blog about Swedish archaeological discoveries and certainly not those related to marine archaeology. However, divers have now found what is believed to be the “royal ship” (regalskepp in Swedish) Svärdet (The Sword) which sank on June 1, 1676, in a battle with a Danish/Dutch fleet outside the island of Öland. This is a similar, but later, “royal ship” as the famous Vasa ship, which is one of Sweden’s main tourist attractions.

Update from Sjöhistoriska museet (The Maritime museum) where you also can read more about the recent discovery of the “royal ship” Mars (which sank in 1564) and the “royal ship” Kronan (The Crown) which sank in the battle as Svärdet.



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