Posted by: Johan Normark | November 29, 2011

2012: ABC and Yahoo on the Comalcalco bricks

The 2012 phenomenon is by now fairly well known in popular culture. Obviously, when a supposedly “significant” and “new” discovery is made, like the Comalcalco bricks, news media must report on it. What is the likelihood that they will do a sloppy work of something most people already find to be amusing? Of course they will. Would they get the main issues correct? Not very likely. Now, would they at least know the identity of the people in their news report? Let’s see if you recognize this man:

Is this really David Stuart, the author of the Order of Days and one of the world’s best known and leading Mayanists? No, this is John Major Jenkins, the author of several books on the galactic alignment and the leading 2012er. ABC/Yahoo has for sure not done their 2012 ABC.  I am sure that JMJ did not want to be recognized as David Stuart. They are not exactly on good terms with each other, something that can be seen in JMJ’s review of Stuart’s book. This is what the real David Stuart looks like:



  1. That’s … impressive.

  2. Indeed it is and this is not even Fox News…

  3. When I first looked at the picture, and before reading your post, my mind said, “Oh, David Stuart grew a beard,” but it still saw John Major Jenkins. The media warps everything, no matter if it’s Fox or ABC.

  4. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Professor Stuart and fictional book author John Major Jenkins is as stark as a disciplined scientist is from a carnival fortune teller. Shame on ABC EWN for shabby and unattentive work.

  5. Oh geez… how sloppy can they get?

  6. Or is Jenkins so desperate now that he has become an imposter?

  7. I have noticed that many things are shaping up to make 2012 a really interesting year. I am sure that each thing that is an oddity will be viewed as some kind of “proof” of a particular speculation about “the end of the age”.
    I had read something about the Comalcalco bricks, sometime ago, and I am not sure if this is something new or not. I think that the sun is beginning the stage where the magnetic field reverses. Judging from the large solar flares seen this year, I suspect that we will have a doozy in 2012.

  8. The sun began this process back in 2008 and is currently ramping up to maximum expected in 2013. Just like it did nearly 11 years ago. You can suspect all you want, but it has nothing to do with the Maya. From what I’ve gathered, they cared more about venus than the sun.


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