Posted by: Johan Normark | December 5, 2011

2012: Raúl Julia Levy’s most recent abuse of Maya archaeology

A few earlier blog posts have dealt with the claims that are being made in an upcoming TV documentary by Raúl Julia Levy. This documentary is supposed to give us evidence that the ancient Maya were visited by aliens (or perhaps that the ancient Maya were aliens themselves). The way Julia Levy promotes the whole thing has all the ingredients of being a fake/fraud. No clearer is this in the way he himself distorts other people’s statements and he might even be guilty of forgery. This is the case with his use of a supposed statement by the Guatemalan archaeologist Héctor E. Mejía. On this website a photocopied letter which is supposed to be from Mejía is provided in order to support Julia Levy’s claims. Now, Mejía has replied in the commentary section of this website and he has also posted a letter on facebook, dated on December 1, 2011.

In this letter Mejía says that he was contacted by Julia Levy through the Guatemalan Jaime Castellanos. The latter has in his possession a copy of a digital version of a photograph where a sculpted monument appears to be located somewhere on the South Coast of Guatemala.

Mejía was asked to be an archaeological consultant for the main features that characterize this sculpture. He concluded that the monument corresponds to no stylistic features associated with the Maya or the Olmec. Any additional comments that are of non-archaeological nature is written by Castellanos or Julia Levy. Mejía expresses his dissatisfaction of this abuse of scientific information for purposes that have nothing to do with Maya archaeology. I agree.



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