Posted by: Johan Normark | December 5, 2011

2012: The Garut pyramid on Java

I wonder how long it will take for the 2012 circus to catch up on these news and connect it with the Maya, Pleiades, etc. Yes, some people have found another supposedly ancient pyramid (or mountain) that is said to be larger than the pyramid of Khufu. This one is located on Java (an island dotted with cone shaped volcanoes…). The hill is at least not mistaken for a an ancient Buddhist tempel, a la Borobudur. Obviously, when you are dealing with fake pyramids, media have to include comments from the expert on faking the past; Semir Osmanagic. From the image it seems that the hill has terraces, not very uncommon on this rice producing island. At least these terraces are older than the ones Osmanagic and his team has made in Bosnia. Let’s see how long time it takes for someone at the Linnaeus University to invite the discoverer(s) of the Garut pyramid/Sadahurip mountain…



  1. What an arrogant article! You’re such a know it all. You’ve already decided it is fake without examining a single shred of evidence.

  2. And the single shred of evidence is what? The rice terraces that look like “pyramid steps”, the C14 dating for which we are not given any details of its context, the comparison to a definite fake pyramid in Bosnia? Strong evidence indeed. I assume you are not an archaeologist…

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  4. You commented in the wrong post but I get the point.

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  6. it’s not pyramid, only look likes pyramid, and whatever the building inside still unknown and need invistigate more to gain knowlede.

  7. I too presumed the availability of only one photograph and limited information on the particulars of this discovery suspicious and likely indicative of a (poorly crafted, might I add) hoax.

    By the way, you have a typo on the word “temple”.

  8. It is the Swedish spelling.

    • Oh, I see, as in “Varför kommer ni och vanhelgar vårt tempel?”.
      However your post is in English.

  9. Pardon me but your short post simply indicated there’s yet enough evidence to obtain conclusive conclusion. I do not agree with the way the indonesian handles the matter but that should not be your decision factor at this point. Also, you might not know indonesians well enough to determine their drive factor, i.e. why they do what they did.
    It might be interesting for you to observe further on the matter.

  10. Indonesian drive factor? That is irrelevant from a scientific point of view. In any case, in a country of roughly 235 million people do all people have the same “drive” according to you? I do not even know what “drives” my next door neighbor…

  11. Don’t know if you’re genuinely clueless of what aspect I was talking about or you’re just being defiant in alienating people. Your lame joke indicated the latter.
    Irrelevant? Everything is relevant and connected, if you understand how these indonesian think then you know why no solid evidence was released, how to get supporting/opposing study results, and how to find out the truth. On that point forward, better data will yield you better educated guess. That’s science, Mr. Normark. What you wrote was not.
    One track mind has its perks but lots of time inhibits social & emotional growth. As one scholar to another, be mindfull how you lead yourself, young Mr. Normark.
    This will be the end of my communication to you.

    • Nice talking to you “scholar”. Since you have ended the communication I guess I have to live in oblivion on what the lame joke was. Thanks for calling me young as well…


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