Posted by: Johan Normark | December 6, 2011

2012: Are cloaks and pebbles as good as bunkers?

In case you cannot afford a bunker in order to survive 2012, you can hopefully afford a mystic Mayan power cloak and some sacred Mayan power pebbles. This may ruin the business for 2012 bunkers. Anyway, this new information sets Monument 6 at Tortuguero in a completely new light. On 13 Baktun Bolon Yokte’ will show up in his fancy cloak. If you have not transformed your consciousness by then, all you will see is something similar to The Emperor’s New Clothes.



  1. If some guys out there thinking about what to buy for their girlfriends for X-mas, this power cloak is perfect gift.

  2. Preferably Made Of Scarlet Feathers With Quetzal Collar,Will Aid You When Traveling The Inter-glactic Laylines.The Maya Traders Had Hunters Track The Quetzal And Capture The Bird Alive Harvest The 1mt. Iridesent Blue-green Tail Feathers Release The Bird Unharmed To Molt And Produce Another Cash Crop,Favored By The Noble Elites.

  3. 13 Bactun Not Just A Period Change But Also A Tourist Destination.


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