Posted by: Johan Normark | December 9, 2011

2012: Me on Exposing Pseudoastronomy

Dr. Stuart Robbins, who runs the blog Exposing Pseudoastronomy, interviewed me last Saturday night. You can find this interview with me speaking perfect Swenglish on his 14th podcast. Stuart has had a podcast on Planet X and he will be covering other astronomical parts of the 2012 phenomenon later on (such as the galactic alignment). I have not yet listened to it myself since I hate hearing my own voice.



  1. I hear ya on the listening to your own voice. I couldn’t listen to myself in interviews, either. Nor on podcasts. The first two episodes I did, I didn’t edit because I couldn’t stand listening to myself. I’ve kinda gotten over it, though.

    I was impressed with your English, though the bridge between countries didn’t help with the sound clarity and I really hope I didn’t mess up my pronunciation earlier on in the episode. I tried to cut out most of the pauses where you were searching for the right word every now-and-then. I think it came out fairly well and very good considering that English isn’t your first language. 🙂

  2. My main worry is that I mispronounced some Maya words since I am not an epigrapher.

    • Ah. Well, they were about as I had heard them spoken by people who are born into English. For what that’s worth. I frequently apologize for my pronunciation on the podcast anyway (like the last one on Planet X, for example),


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