Posted by: Johan Normark | December 9, 2011

UPS, and the industrial world problem of the day

I am annoyed so I am writing a blog post that is off my normal topics. I know it is one of those “industrial world problems of the day” (dagens i-landsproblem in Swedish) but it still makes me pissed. Last week I ordered books from My order of nine books was split up into two packages. I had ordered a slow deliverance of 2-3 weeks. For some reason regarding my payment Amazon believe they screwed things up so they decided to send the books as soon as possible. Hence, the books arriwed in Sweden within two or three days. However, they did not arrive at my post office, 50 m away as my orders always have. Instead it is UPS who delivers the books to my door but they cannot tell when and apparently they cannot call my cell phone when they are in the neighborhood. Two days ago they made the first attempt but I had to leave my home at 1:30 PM to pick up my son at kindergarten and bring him to an event outside town. UPS was here 2:54 PM, so they brought the packages back with them. Yesterday, the two packages were sent in two different cars (why?). I got one at 4 PM and then I had to run to kindergarten to pick up my son in order to be back at home to await the second package. Finally, at 6:30 I had to call UPS and they said they were at my apartment at 11:30 AM to deliver it. I was in my apartment at that time! However, my new neighbors above me are renovating their apartment so I could apparently not hear the door bell because of all drilling, etc. Then I told UPS not to deliver the books today since I will be going to several locations. Guess what, the package is out for deliverance anyway. If I cannot get the package delivered I have to take a bus for half an hour and walk half a mile to get the package and then return the same way. All this crap instead of picking up my packages when I can only fifty meters away. I consider never using Amazon again if this is their new policy.



  1. Finally, at 4:55 PM on Friday the second package arrived. It took three whole days instead of a five minutes walk to the post office…

    Now to the delicate problem_ which book shall I read first? Bryant, Morton or Harman?


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