Posted by: Johan Normark | December 14, 2011

Pyramid of the Sun dedicated to the raingod?

Mexican archaeologists have excavated the core of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan and discovered what is believed to be the original offering for the building, dated to approximately AD 50. The offering includes a green serpentine stone mask, eleven clay pots dedicated to the rain god, which the Aztecs called Tlaloc. There are also bones of an eagle and unidentified feline and canine animals. The offering includes considerable amounts of obsidian (arrows, bifaces and an eccentric) and three human figures decorated with eyes of shell and pyrite. There were originally three structures at the base and seven burials or sacrificial victims have been encountered.

It was the Aztecs that much later incorporated the ruins of the Pyramid of the Sun into their mythology. However, it seems that the pyramid, at least originally and partially, was dedicated to the rain god.



  1. Rebuilding At Sacred Sites Of Pilgramage Is Common Pratice In Pre-columbian Meso-american.In 1971 Excavations At Teotihuacan Unearthed A Lava Cave Under The Temple/Pyramid Of The Sun Used From Pre-City Of The Gods As A Place Of Sacrafice And Pilgramage.Many Central American Peoples Tried To Conjoin Their Histories With That Of The Toltecs.Many Masks That Were A Speciality Of The Toltecs Were Removed And Transfered And Honored At Tenochtitlan The Mexica/Aztec History Has Them Living At Teotihuacan On Their Southern Journey To Their Visionary Site Of Eagle,Serpent And Cactrus.
    Many Temples Were Rebuilt And Enlarged At The Start Of The New Katune.The City Of The Gods Was Ocuppyed By Chicimec (Sons Of The Dog) In Itz Later Years.The Toltecs Or Their Desendents Were Influncial At Chicen Itza And The Southern Pacific Lowlands.

  2. Teotihuacan did not use katuns (as these are part of either a Long or Short count, not used in the central highlands). They most likely used a Calendar Round.

  3. Tlatoani,You Are Right Again,I Didn’t Mean To Infer That The Pyramid Of the Sun Was Revamped On The Katune.It Was One Of The First Major Construction At Teotihuacn And Was Rebuilt But The Original Height Of 66mts. Was Simularly Maintained
    Tlaloc Or Chac The Maya Equivilant Depicted With Goggle Eyes Or Long-nosed Is A Multiused Temple Facade From The Chennes And Pucc Style Of The Yucatec.

  4. In the process, they adopted most of the Toltec/Nahua (code) pantheon, but they also made significant changes in their religion. As the Mexica rose in power, they adopted the Nahua gods at equal status to their own. For instance, Tlaloc was the rain god of all the Nahuatl-speaking peoples. They put their local god Huitzilopochtli at the same level as the ancient Nahua god, and also replaced the Nahua Sun god with their own. Thus, Tlaloc/Huitzilopochtli represents the duality of water and fire, as evidenced by the twin pyramids uncovered near the Zocalo in Mexico City in the late 1970s, and it reminds us of the warrior ideals of the Aztec: the Aztec glyph of war is “burning water”.

  5. We Are All Concived From The Firery Pool,The Old Fire God A Primative Meso-american Deity,In The Maya Pantheon As Itzamna,His Consort And The Supreme Teotihuacan Deity And The Creator Of The Present Universe,Spider Woman(Great Goddess),Depicted In Murals Of The Tepantitla,Spider Woman Ruled In Her Own World,Predessor To Toci,Our Grandmother.


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