Posted by: Johan Normark | January 17, 2012

EMC 2012 in Helsinki calls for papers

This year’s European Maya Conference (EMC) will be held in Helsinki. The theme of the conference is On Methods: How we know what we think we know about the Maya. I am not sure if I will attend it yet since I only participate in conferences where I deliver a paper of my own. Hence, my paper must be accepted first. I have an idea of a paper that suits the theme but I am not sure other people are interested in my crusade against ethnographic analogies which would be an important part of my paper. There are some interesting invited speakers though. I have never heard or met John Hoopes beforeĀ and it would be interesting to hear him talk about the 2012 phenomenon.



  1. Hi there, I have a question for you:

    what do you think about the Olmec heads? are they african? because of their big nose and lips.

    I am from Tabasco and in the history books they never talk about this but I have always wondered why they dont look similar to the mayan people.

    I found a website that says that the olmec heads are people with Down syndrome, that this was sacred to the olmecs. And I once saw a video that the big lips are because they are 2 serpents,

    Any thoughts about this? The olmec heads definetly dont look like mesoamerican natives.


    • I am also interested in the Olmec heads and representations of people. They look like some Asian tribes to me.

      • Asian tribes? Billions of people live in Asia, please specify.

  2. The monumental Olmec heads are Mesoamerican. Representations of people are seldom similar to the way they actually looked (in some representations in Nordic countries, Jesus looks like a blond hippie…). A common theme in Olmec art, that explains the lips, are the so-called “were-jaguars”, i.e. transformations between humans and jaguars (reminiscent of “were-wolves”).

    • I have never seen a cat of any kind with fat lips. What do you see that makes you think that the Olmec faces are like a mix of any typical human and a jaguar?

      As to Jesus, every culture imagines God to look like them with the parts of him that they can get from history. Some people read that the Bible wants people to never cut their hair, therefore, hippie long hair. Of course God looks like us, he is black in Africa and blond in Norway. Jesus is not an example of someone we see in our neighborhood.

      We imagine the Olmec heads were faces of contemporary people of the sculptor. By the time we get to studying the Mayans we know they did not do very many portraits. I find the Mayan representation of their gods really troubling. It is scary to dream of faces like their art shows.

      • The were-jaguar is not my idea, check it out for yourself.

        The statements “God looks like us” and “Jesus is not an example of someone we see in our neighborhood”. seems a bit contradicting.

        The Maya made hundreds of portraits of people in their art (on stelae).

        This post is not about Olmec sculpture…

  3. There are hundreds of books written about the 2012 phenomenon or hyper object, and the Maya calender,
    But the Mayan astrology predictions not predicting the end of the World, but it is predicting, that 2012 will be a good year for all Mayan Zodiacal signs.
    And I dont see any American professional astrologer, or psychic predictions for 2012. And the scientists know nothing about the zodic, and astrology, and subtle energies, energies that everything in the Universe made of.

  4. Maybe you should attend the conference and learn what separates science form pseudoscience like astrology?

    • A Very Wo-wo Site But Talks About The Granite Bolas That Are Distributed Through Meso-american.I Don’t Expect To Make Helsinki But One Year Attend The Penn Maya Conference.Have Been To The Muesem,A Great Collection Of Looted Treasure.

      • Maybe Those Granite Bolas Are Fakes?

  5. Maybe If A Lettered Certified Digger Didn’t Discover Them.


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