Posted by: Johan Normark | January 23, 2012

Happy Water Dragon Year

Today it is the first day of the Chinese lunisolar year. It is not just the year of the Dragon, but the year of the Water Dragon, to be followed by the year of the Water Snake next year. Let’s not hope some people connects these facts with some other beings believed to be associated with the Maya and their supposed “end date”. What would be the odds of that?

I am sure this image from the Dresden Codex will be distorted into the Chinese Water Dragon, particularly since we have the Moon Goddess in the picture as well.



  1. Well, the milky way’s “dark rift” is like a dragon, and when Dec. 21 hits, it’ll breathe fire at us through the alignment of the sun with the egg-zact center of the galaxy! Doooooom!!!!!

    • Some people think, the Mayans were born from that big rift, or big cave, but in my opinion the Mayans were born like everybody else.

  2. Or there will be a great flood (as some people interpret the image from the Dresden Codex). If so, you can combine the Maya, Chinese and the Bible. Let’s ride the dragon.

    • The Pope, and the good Christians would say, that The Dresden Codex, and The Chinese Dragon stuff is just Pagan Superstitions.


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