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2012: Events that should have occurred if the Long Count is cyclical

Many 2012ers believe that the Long Count calendar is cyclical and that creation events literally will repeat (they believe Maya mythology describes real events). If we follow this logic people would have seen some pretty amazing events in the last two centuries. Inscriptions from Palenque describe events that took place before the creation of the world as we know it. These events are given a Long Count date but not that of the current era. We can follow David Stuart’s argument that these “pre-era” dates actually are part of a much greater Long Count (which I will describe in future posts), or we can follow the argument made by Gronemeyer and MacLeod that the Maya lacked negative numbers and because of this they wrote their “Before Creation” dates as if they were part of an earlier Long Count.

Those two alternatives are not popular among 2012ers (they are unknown to them). 2012ers either believe the Long Count ends on 13 Baktun or that it will restart a new cycle. It is the latter view that is of interest here as this is the one John Major Jenkins favors. He claims that the US presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush are modern versions of some of the characters in Popol Vuh. George W Bush is argued to be Vuqub Caquix, or 7 Macaw, that was shot down by Hun Hunahpu (aka Obama).

Now, if we ignore the factual errors of the relation between Bush and Obama (Bush could not be reelected, etc.), on what date in the Long Count was Vuqub Caquix shot down? Here we must first ignore some other facts because Popol Vuh never made use of the Long Count, it is an Early Colonial manuscript, less continuity exist between Classic period lowland mythology and the late Postclassic highland mythology than once was believed, etc. However, Jenkins has been inspired by Freidel, Schele, and Parker’s Maya Cosmos which contains many ideas rejected by later epigraphers. On page 71 of this book these authors write that Vuqub Caquix (or Itzam Yeh as they call the Classic period version) was defeated on the Long Count date of 1 Ajaw 3 Kank’in (26/5 3149 BC).

Following the logic set up Jenkins himself the same Long Count position ( would have occurred on October 6, 1977. On this date some Spanish fascists attacked communists and the prototype for a MiG made its maiden flight (it was not shot down by a blowgun as far as I know…). Nothing extraordinary happened. Note that the haab position of this Long Count date is different from that of the “pre-era” date (18 Ch’en). This is evidence in itself that the Long Count dates are not the same, something Jenkins conceals by never mentioning the haab dates in his discussion (you only see the tzolkin position of 4 Ajaw in his texts regarding the past and future 13 Baktun dates).

An even more extraordinary event is the slaying of the celestial crocodile. The blood emerging from this decapitated crocodile was connected to pooling of blood in huge quantities and it created the sea where the earth/turtle later floated. This event occurred on 1 Edznab 6 Yaxkin (3301 BC, I lack the exact date since the calendar date converter I use only goes back to In “our era” this Long Count date fell on the 27th of June 1828 (and it contained the Calendar Round date 1 Edznab 1 Sip). Earlier this month in 1828 Simón Bolivar declared war on Peru. I fail to see any historical references to the emergence of oceans from a slayed crocodile around this time.

I am sure Jenkins and others have explanations that go something like this: it is not the exact repetition of the Long Count, only general tendencies repeat. This is simply cherry picking. In some cases, i.e. when it suits ones idea, one claim that the correspondence is exact. When it fails, one come up with excuses and demand less rigidity. This is how a crank and a mythmaker works.


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