Posted by: Johan Normark | January 30, 2012

A ketchup effect

Do not expect any longer posts in the next two weeks or so on this blog. The reason is that I have a couple of deadlines for articles and I really should send away a bunch of articles as soon as possible. The deadline articles are the articles Caves in the Cochuah region and Miniature shrines in the Cochuah region which will be found in an anthology about the anthropology and archaeology of the Cochuah region, edited by Justine Shaw and published by New Mexico University Press.

There are six other articles in the pipeline as well and at least four of them should be sent away within two weeks. These are The Spanish Colonial period’s relevance for the mega-drought hypothesis; The Chicxulub fracture zone and the Spanish Colonial border; Not only the home of the Earth Lord: Maya caves as smooth, striated, and holey spaces and A nomadology of Maya causeways. Before the end of February I also hope to have sent away Maya caves and the cosmological trap and Hyperobjects, the hydrological cycle and political affect at Yo’okop.

This is a true ketchup effect (in the original Swedish sense I must add). 2011 resulted in only one published book review and now almost everything comes out of the bottle.



  1. Bullshit…..

  2. Ketchup Adils, not bullshit.

  3. Who is that

  4. It is someone working at Vallentuna kommuns grundskoleförvaltning…


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