Posted by: Johan Normark | February 3, 2012

2012: Who makes the profit?

Watch this clip from The Stream on Al Jazeera. Here Quetzil Castañeda and Alejandra Garcia Quintanilla discuss who actually makes the profit of the whole 2012 circus. I will most likely not visit any part of the Maya area this year so I will not be supporting the tourist industry.



  1. Touriism Brings An Influx Of Monies To the Area Visited And This Is Not A Bad Thing.In The States Ameritrade A Stock Trading Site Has Been Running An Ad Showing The Cogs Of A Mock-up Of The Maya Time Machine With The Announcer Saying “If You Belive In The Maya Calender,On 12/21/2012 The Poles Will Shift Causing Everything On Earth To Fly-off In To Space…”And If The Sun Rises On The 22nd You’ll Still Be Interested In Your Portfolio.We Americans Have Been Dealing With The Politics Of Fear For Years,Now Madison Ave. Is Useing The Fear Of The Future To Increase Interest In Wall St. An International Casino That Pays-out In The Future,If It Is Still Viable By 2020 ,I Will Be Shocked. i


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