Posted by: Johan Normark | February 15, 2012

Water, caves, and panpsychism in the Maya area

I have written an abstract for a session on water at the EAA in Helsinki later this year.

Water as a real object is forever withdrawn from its relations and presence. Only water as a sensual object can be experienced. However, not only humans and organic entities “sense” other objects. In the panpsychist view, which is prevalent within object-oriented philosophy, it is argued that everything that exists and relates must also perceive or prehend. Water does so by becoming part of a new object, such as a cave.

Caves are common features in the karstic environment of the Cochuah region in southern Mexico. Most of them have been formed through the prehension between water and limestone. The sensual profiles of the caves made by other objects vary. For the Maya the caves became attractors for settlement and rituals because they were intensively connected to water and rain. What is usually termed “animism” is the sensual profiles the Maya made of the caves, water and other entities. On spatiotemporal scales above the single cave and water pool we find the hydrological cycle interacting with the sea (the Fiery Pool) and the Chicxulub fracture zone. These greater relations affected Maya political history and cosmology.



  1. Hi Johan.
    If we shake a solid object, it will weigh less, maybe for 15-20 minutes after the shaking than it did before the shaking.
    If water, as a real object, or ice or water . not as a solid object, but would this be also true for water ?

  2. What?

  3. Johan,Hope Your Thrombe Boyer Has Been Resolved,Gwars Can Be Devestating And Dibilitating And You Sir Have A Lot Of Enscribing To Perform.
    Water One Of The Most Common Of Elements Is A Great Carrier Of Panpsychic Intention.Dr.Emotto Has Demonstrated That With Group Intention The Vielest Of Swill Can Be Made Potable.The Yucateca Produce A Chuel Healing Concoction With Water,Herbs,Sunshine And Intention.
    The Christian Dogma And Meso-american Rituals Use Water As The Conection Of Man To The Heavens,Source Of The Falling Itz.
    Water In The Cave Can Be Connected To The Crossing To The Dark Waters And Exiting The Cave Of Xibalba At Our Birth.Vaginal Birth Squeezes The Amniatic Waters From Our Bodies Activating Our Organs And Demonstrating From The Git-go That All Things Are Possible.

    • Becoming Corn. The Meso- Americans , And Christians Used Water,Group Intentions, Rituals, And Also Used A Lot Sounds, Drums, Chants And Music To Make A Connections To The Heavens, But In My Opinion The Old Heavens Will Be Dissolving, And The New Heavens Will Be Also Dissolving If There Will No More Intentions, What Is Creating Them.

  4. Water can be connected to almost anything.

    • Used?


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