Posted by: Johan Normark | February 18, 2012

2012: Julia-Levy misinterprets monuments and Cthulhu is awakening

Raul Julia-Levy is working hard to become the top prophet of nonsense for this year. If you just follow his Twitter account you will see several links to people writing about his upcoming documentary. He for sure attempts to spread rumors that all sorts of important people either will be included in his documentary or that they are interested in it. All attempts to add some credibility to his nonsensical ideas. Now he claims that the Vatican is interested in the extraterrestrial connection his documentary is supposed to reveal. Well, can the Vatican believe in virgin births and a guy walking on water they may also believe this soap opera actor. Since he delivers sooo many well-kept secrets he has also received threats on his Facebook page for being in conspiracy with CIA and/or Illuminati…

Julia-Levy also claims to have the support of the governments of Mexico and Guatemala. I am sure these senior officials he has met want his documentary to draw more tourists to their countries. Julia-Levy says that these governments want to stop misinformation regarding 2012 as the end of the world and that they hope his documentary will help ending this misconception. He insists that it is a “historical documentary that shows a deep respect for Maya culture.” Further, Julia-Levy says that “the problem with most of the productions going on now that are related to the Maya theme is that they’re doing them in an erroneous and irresponsible manner.” What a bunch of crap.

There is nothing more erroneous and irresponsible than to replace one kind of misinformation with another. It is not to show deep respect for the Maya to fill their past with aliens. It is simply a new form of colonialism since this ultimately boils down to the idea that the Maya were not capable of constructing pyramids, creating calendars, etc. Aliens have simply replaced the lost tribes of Israel and similar hyperdiffusional ideas.

We are also told that Calakmul is the most important archaeological discovery in history. He states that “it’s going to open the eyes of humanity and elevate the consciousness of every human being on the planet. I guarantee it.” Somewhere at the bottom of a lake in Guatemala he has also filmed an underwater Maya city which he describes as “a city that was built under water, and not a sunken city”. He says audiences will see underwater shots of the city. Is this Lake Izabal? Has he co-worked with the German “researcher”?

Julia-Levy claims the documentary also unveils a 3,000-year-old spacecraft landing pad that was allegedly built atop a rock structure capable of holding electromagnetic energy. He also have pictures that supposedly show a Maya representation of an alien and an “interdimensional machine”. Have a laugh or two at the drawing below. Maybe it is the end of the world after all? It looks like Chtulhu awakening from that sunken city…



  1. Johan,About The Sub-aquatic City In The Peten,There Is A Maya Temple 35′ Below The Surface Of Lake Atitlan Which Has No Outlet And Just Flooded By Raising Water Levels.But The City Built Under Water Sounds Like The Work Of The Noomos From Sirus A Who Visited The Dogon Peoples Of Mali Taught Them About The Heavens,Lived In Resavoir Of Water They Brought With Them On Their Space-craft.Could Thes Be The Ash-fish People? There Are Many Links At Thius Site To Extra Trestial Site That Gilga Will Enjoy.

    • I will like to see the Levy documentary, as I think sometime about the Dogon people,how they knew thousands of years ago about the orbits of all the Planets and stars, and the Dog Star, that is not even visible I m not sure if they had a calender, or if they were also predicting 2012?
      And how those Egyptian Goat herders built the Great Pyramid 12000 years ago? And how the Mayans made the Maya calender, and built the monuments and their Pyramids, etc?
      Maybe they were born like that, ? with all that knowledge? Or did they learned all that in school? And how to build cities under water ?

    • Joseph Campbell wrote; the Dogon tribe also predicted 2012, the Dogon calender is 5 days week counted on a rope, like the Olmec and Inka quipus system 5x 5.6×13. It must be a very old calendar, only 364 days in a year, maybe the Earth was rotating faster, and was closer to the Sun thousands of years ago.The Dogons predicted, that the Noomos will return, in a blue Star.

  2. Dogon predicted 2012? Olmec quipu? Earth rotating faster just a few thousand years ago? Closer to the sun? Well, all of this is supported by pseudoscience I assume?

  3. The Dogon Had A Fifty Year Calender The Length Of A Complete SirisA And SirisB Revelution Of Each Other,Simmular To Our Two Strand Dna Braid.The Blue Star Could Be The Blue Kachina(Persuring Star) The Plains Origanals Of The Great Turtle Used Quipu To Tell Their Months Long Winter Sagas.
    Happy No’j Year!

  4. @becoming corn: Have you even read Griaules work first hand? Somehow I doubt it. If you study his work and compare it to other works by anthropologists that have worked around the Mali plateaus I think you will find quite a few interesting things. I’m sorry to say this, but they won’t support the alien saga. However, I realise this is fruitless – after all, you guys never actually do any real research anyway.

    • Armchair researchers are quite common among the 2012ers.

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