Posted by: Johan Normark | February 19, 2012

Ranelid could be disqualified

This is a blog post way out of the normal topics. Sweden has some major issues and the most important one nowadays is that the author Björn Ranelid qualified for the final in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. People apparently voted for him for no other reason that he was terribly bad. For those of you who cannot see his “success” as a collective joke, use the rules of contest itself to disqualify him. If I am not entirely wrong, you are not allowed to perform the song, or parts of it, before the contest. He used his famous “Ranelidska” (his typical style of writing and talking) in this song, such as “från stranden jag till stranden du i havet vi” (roughly: “from the shore Me to the shore You in the sea We”). This is a sentence he has used many times before, so he has, in fact, performed part of the “song” before the actual contest.


  1. […] writes one fan. The degree to which this has become a talking point is evident on another blog, where a Swedish bloke who normally writes about serious subjects such as archaeology has written […]

  2. Well… the blog post was intended as an ironic joke, like most of my dealings with the so-called 2012-phenomenon (I originally planned to make some remarks about this song being evidence of the future apocalypse). I could not care less about this contest.


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