Posted by: Johan Normark | February 23, 2012

2012: Red Ice Creations – a beacon of “sanity”

Yesterday I received an email from an acquintance who has been corresponding with Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Creations TV. I wish I could post the whole email from Palmgren but it is hard to translate his insults and derrogatives into English. I am not at all surprised that such spew come from a person who thinks he is more enlightened than the rest of us (remember what happened to me when I pointed out the logical fallacies among the Swedish New Agers…).

I have seen Red Ice TV before. Look at this unintentionally hilarious clip from the premiere of Emmerich’s movie, shot here in Gothenburg. The interviewed people are clueless about pretty much everything regarding the Maya and Palmgren (I assume it is) wonders if the audience knows the works of the cranks John Major Jenkins and Carl Johan Calleman (as if these are credible sources). You should all know what I think about these people by now (just click on the tags). Palmgren has obviously no knowledge about the real work behind deciphering the Maya calendar and hieroglyphs. He seems to be a crank equipped with a TV camera.



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